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Design by Julian House. • The last major release by Ghost Box recording artists Belbury Poly was The Belbury Tales in 2012, so news of a new album is most welcome. New Ways Out by The Belbury Poly (that definite article is a fresh addition) will be released next month. The Belbury Parish Magazine has […]

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The Art of Shadowgraphy


Though Shadowgraphy has been known from time immemorial, and as ’twere a thing of bye-gone days, Trewey’s practice of the art comes as a novelty, and is highly entertaining alike to the schoolboy and the lean and slippered pantaloon. Thus the overwrought prefatory note in this small book of hand-shadow exercises by Felicien Trewey. In […]

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Origami tessellations


I seldom try origami these days despite an enthusiasm for it when I was younger, but I still like to see how people are developing the artform. These tessellation designs are part of a sub-genre of abstract paper-folding that’s a long way from the traditional Japanese animal shapes. The examples here are by Ray Schamp […]

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Oya by Alberto del Pozo (1945–1992). Also known as Yansa, Oya is Changó’s third wife. She is the goddess of the winds and of lightning and is mistress of the cemetery gates. Passionate and brave she fights by her husband’s side if needed. Her favorite offerings are papaya, eggplant and geraniums. From Santeria at BibliOdyssey. […]

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Mervyn Peake’s Caterpillar from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland finds itself used to promote High Society, an exhibition at the Wellcome Collection devoted to the long history of human drug-taking. There’s more about the exhibition here and also an accompanying book by Mike Jay from Thames & Hudson. Related: The Most Dangerous Drug: A group of […]

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Geoffrey Haberman’s brass insects


Blepharopsis mendica nymph. More insect art and some really gorgeous creations. Geoffrey Haberman also makes silver insects but I much prefer the brass ones. From four pages of Flickr photos including an incredible mantis horde. Idolomantis diabolica adult male. Previously on { feuilleton } • Sipho Mabona’s origami insects • Kitchen insects • Elizabeth Goluch’s […]

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Sipho Mabona’s origami insects


Praying Mantis (2008). Folded from a single sheet. Amazing. Lots more insects and other constructions on her Flickr page.And while we’re on the subject, Between the Folds is a documentary about origami artists currently doing the rounds of film festivals. Via Design Observer. Previously on { feuilleton } • Kitchen insects • Elizabeth Goluch’s precious […]

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Laura Zindel’s ceramics


left: Small Hercules Beetle Vase, Large Harlequin Beetle Vase. right: Small Lady Beetle Vase, Large Scarab Beetle Vase. Ceramic art by Laura Zindel. Good to see that arthropods are no longer such a taboo for home furnishings. Via Fabulon. Previously on { feuilleton } • The art of Jo Whaley • Endangered insects postage stamps […]

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The art of Jo Whaley


Papilio ulysses (2000). Best. Insect Art. Ever. From a series entitled The Theater of Insects, also the name of a book devoted to Ms Whaley’s photographs which will appear from Chronicle Books later this year. The photographs in this book are fantastic field illustrations. While the insects in these images are real, the backgrounds are […]

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Endangered insects postage stamps


Adonis Blue Butterfly. Beautiful stamps for the second in a Royal Mail series intended to bring attention to endangered species. These will be issued on Tuesday and are designed by Andrew Ross using photography from the Natural History Museum. The Independent notes the irony of the Royal Mail printing these even as they’re building a […]

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Robert Lang’s origami insects


Black Widow; one uncut square of Origamido paper (2003). I’ve been doing origami on and off since I was about 11 years old but the real measure of the art is whether you can invent your own folds rather than simply copying other people’s. This is something I’ve never managed since you have to devote […]

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