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The Deluge (1920) by Winifred Knights. • Dennis Cooper‘s favourite fiction, poetry, nonfiction, film, music, art & internet of 2016 so far. (Thanks again for the nod to this blog!) • At Literary Hub: Jonathan Russell Clark on Jorge Luis Borges, and Jon Sealy on why indie presses [in the US] are opening bookstores. • […]

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Gevatter Tod (Godfather Death, 1905) by Heinrich Lefler. Via Beautiful Century. An inevitable hangover from Halloween this week. At 50 Watts: A Modern Dance of Death (c. 1894) by Joseph Sattler, Harry Clarke Revisited, and more Ex Libris Mr Reaper | At Design Observer: Keith Eggener on When Buildings Kill: Sentient Houses in Fiction and […]

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Escher and Schrofer


Design by Jurriaan Schrofer. That’s Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898–1972), the Dutch artist, and Jurriaan Schrofer (1926–90), the Dutch typographer and graphic designer. Aside from a shared nationality the pair had a similar interest in periodicity and incremental metamorphosis, something that’s strikingly apparent when you compare their works. I don’t know much about Schrofer so I can’t […]

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Petulia film posters


Illustration by Bob Peak. Further examples of those things you find when you’re searching for something else, these posters for Richard Lester’s Petulia (1968) are a good example of just how differently the same film can be presented by its advertising materials. Petulia (“the uncommon movie”) is a fascinating, unjustly neglected gem, a serious adult […]

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Bridget Riley Flashback


Movement in Squares (1961). Continuing the Sixties theme, the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool has an exhibition running whose title, Bridget Riley Flashback, alludes to the connection between Riley’s vibrant Op Art and the psychotropic concerns of the decade which brought her to the world’s attention. Riley’s works nearly always look very clean and mechanical […]

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Design as virus 4: Metamorphoses


Metamorphosis by Bridget Riley (1964). Mademoiselle ad (1965). From this Flickr set. Thanks to Aristan for the tip. Hallucinations: Psychedelic Pop Nuggets From The WEA Vaults (2004). Elsewhere on { feuilleton } • The album covers archive Previously on { feuilleton } • Design as virus 3: the sincerest form of flattery • Design as […]

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New Bridget Riley


June 26 Bassacs (2005) and others at the Timothy Taylor Gallery, London.

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