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Robert Gligorov


Endo #6 (2000). More photography pushing the boundary between recording and invention. I’ve no idea what’s happening in Endo #6 but that’s surely part of the attraction of this kind of image. Via Aeris Morpheme. Scultura del Cavolo (2001). Previously on { feuilleton } • The art of Rune Olsen

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Barry Underwood


Blue (2005). Photographs by Barry Underwood at Skew Gallery. Plenty of other people have tried the long exposure in the woods effect but these are something else. Aurora (Green) (2007). Orange Stream (2008). Previously on { feuilleton } • The art of Rune Guneriussen • Lightmark • Maximum Silence by Giancarlo Neri • Volume at […]

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Robert Anning Bell’s Tempest


British artist and designer Robert Anning Bell (1863–1933) illustrates Shakespeare in this 1901 edition at the Internet Archive and the work seemed to give him an excuse to embellish many of the pages with writhing mer-folk. His adaptation isn’t as striking as William Heath Robinson’s Midsummer Night’s Dream from 1914 but then few books are. […]

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Weekend links 8


Another label design of mine for the Adur Brewery. Much as I like Otto Weisert’s Arnold Böcklin typeface it’s something I’ve been reluctant to use in the past due to its lazy deployment by UK shop sign makers. The ribbon motifs and the hops are adapted from one of my Art Nouveau reference books, however, […]

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Hitchcock and Borges revisited

Hitchcock and Borges revisited | Johan Grimonprez’s new film, Double Take.

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Jugend, 1898


Continuing the delve into back issues of Jugend magazine, the German fin de siècle periodical of “art and life”, this post covers the year 1898. As before, Jugend was so copiously illustrated that the selection here can only scratch the surface. Anyone wanting to see more of these graphics is advised to explore the bound […]

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Albrecht Dürer’s Triumphal Arch


Albrecht Dürer’s Triumphal Arch (1515), a wall-sized print produced by 192 separate print blocks. I had a good look at this the last time I was the British Museum. The Museum’s site has some sample details of the work but the size of them isn’t so good, unfortunately. This is one of those pictures you […]

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Mel Roberts: California Dreaming


Sean Patrick (1968). Mel Roberts’ photos have featured here before but it’s doubtful they will do again seeing as the photographer died in 2007 so we won’t see any more of his Californian boys. His complete archive, comprising several thousand prints, is up for sale as part of an auction which begins today. Out.com have […]

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Antique radio tuning dials


Belmont glass dial (1937). Something you’ll never get with your digital radio, fancy dials for the analogue spectrum. From Indiana Radios which has a lot more wireless ephemera. left: Sparton glass dial (1936); right: Fada glass dial (1937).

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inevitable undeniable necessary by Bharti Kher


left: confess (detail) (2009–2010); right: indra’s net mirror 1 (2010). Works from inevitable undeniable necessary, a solo exhibition by Bharti Kher at Hauser & Wirth, London. Kher was born in Britain but lives and works in New Delhi, India. This is her first solo exhibition in London and it runs to May 15, 2010. the […]

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Penda’s Fen by David Rudkin


This is a post I’d been intent on writing for the past four years but kept putting off: why go to great lengths to describe another television drama which people can’t see? And how do you easily appraise something which haunted you for twenty years and which remains a significant obsession? My hand has been […]

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Weekend links #7

The Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer (and sporting my design inside and out) is now in print. The grotesque creatures on the jacket and inside are from a celebrated set of prints by Arent van Bolten. • More VanderMeeria: my cover for Jeff’s novel Finch continues to garner attention. Artist […]

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The art of Keith Lo Bue


left: Celestial Objects Viewed with the Naked Eye (2000); right: The Aerial Ocean (May it Watch Over You) (2009). American artist Keith Lo Bue makes collaged jewellery, optical caprices and miscellaneous objects which include among their number a theremin. Fantastic work. Via Chateau Thombeau. left: View from a Halting-Place (2003); right: A Clean Heart (1997).

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Dugald Stewart Walker revisited


The Golden Porch (1925). This post was prompted by an email from Deborah Hirsch who wrote to tell me about some original works she’d found by American illustrator Dugald Stewart Walker (1883–1937), scans of which are shown here with her permission. This made me take another look at Walker’s drawings, many of which I’d overlooked […]

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Cabala, Speculum Artis Et Naturae In Alchymia


The plates from Stephan Michelspacher’s Cabala, Speculum Artis Et Naturae In Alchymia (1654) are familiar from histories of alchemy but SLUB Dresden has high-resolution scans of the entire book. Also there is Wenzel Jamnitzer’s astonishing Perspectiva Corporum Regularium (1568), a volume covered in detail at BibliOdyssey last year. Elsewhere on { feuilleton } • The […]

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The Savoy magazine


Further retrievals from the depths of the Internet Archive (and thanks to Lord Cornelius Plum for the tip) come in the form of three bound editions of The Savoy magazine, a British art and literary periodical which ran for eight issues from January to December 1896. Aubrey Beardsley was art editor and chief illustrator, Arthur […]

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Boy clones


Yes, there’s something attractive about the proposition if the clones in question look like Ben Lamberty’s duplicated models from this fashion shoot. For earlier variations on the theme there’s a series by Toxicboy (although his site now seems to be defunct), and Anthony Goicolea, of course. Via Homotography, as usual. Previously on { feuilleton } […]

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The art of Jim Leon, 1938–2002


Psychopathia Sexualis (1967). This, dear friends, is what the art of the fantastic could give us but rarely does, something which combines the metaphysical intensity of the Symbolists with a post-Freudian sensibility to create what Philip José Farmer once called “the pornography of the weird”. Jim Leon was a British artist whose work gained prominence […]

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Weekend links 6


Shades of Toho: the city of San Francisco encounters its octopoid nemesis on this gig poster from DKNG. Via OMG Posters! • Related to the above: Godzilla Haiku. • View from Another Shore: a fantastic (so to speak) and overdue interview with Franz Rottensteiner, writer and editor of landmark studies of fantasy and science fiction. […]

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Frans De Geetere’s illustrated Maldoror


Calling this 1927 edition “illustrated” perhaps stretches the point seeing as Frans De Geetere’s illustrations are rather more minimal and restrained than you’d expect for Lautréamont’s proto-Surrealist masterwork. The Koopman Collection’s page for this book lists 65 Geetere’s etchings but only shows a handful. I’d like to see more of these even if the samples […]

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Sergei Paradjanov: film-maker of outrageous imagination

Sergei Paradjanov: film-maker of outrageous imagination

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Exposition jewellery


Broche Marguerite. Still in the 19th century, and more contributions to the Paris Exposition Universelle of 1900. The first and third of these are collaborations between Art Nouveau designer Eugène Grasset and jeweller brothers Henri & Paul Vever. The butterfly woman is Henri Vever’s own creation. Well-known jewellers since the 1870s, Henri and Paul Vever […]

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Jugend, 1897


Continuing the series of posts about Jugend magazine, all these samples are from the issues for 1897. This is where things start getting really interesting graphically so I’m only posting a very small selection from 900 pages of content. As before, anyone interested is advised to examine the complete volumes which can be viewed and […]

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Kenneth Anger: ‘No, I am not a Satanist’

Kenneth Anger: ‘No, I am not a Satanist’ | Anger interviewed.

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The recurrent pose 32


Awful Shy (2010) by Philip Gladstone. A more self-reflexive version of the Flandrin pose than usual from American artist Philip Gladstone. (His main site is here.) Among other works he also quotes Thomas Eakins’ homoerotic classic, The Swimming Hole (1885). Elsewhere on { feuilleton } • The recurrent pose archive • The gay artists archive

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The art of Melchior Lechter, 1865–1937


The first issue of yesterday’s arts and crafts magazine Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration includes an article about Melchior Lechter, a German artist and designer whose illustration work I knew from books by gay poet Stefan George but who seems unjustly neglected by fin de siècle art histories. The reminder prompted me to search a bit […]

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Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration


Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration (1897) by Joseph Rudolf Witzel. One of the discoveries made by following leads from the back issues of Jugend magazine was the unearthing of another cache of German periodicals at the Internet Archive. Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration (German Art & Decoration) was founded by Alex Koch in 1897 and the early […]

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Weekend links 5


A poster design by Yusaku Kamekura. More here, via A Journey Round My Skull. First of all this week, there’s a new interview posted which I gave last year to Crows ’n’ Bones magazine. The replies skate around the usual subjects (Cthulhu et al) and you also find out why I don’t think design and […]

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The art of Nicomi Nix Turner


The Shaman. Gorgeous drawings from this American artist, none of which are as innocent as they first appear. Some of my friends with Wunderkammer obsessions will be interested in the three-dimensional constructions detailed on her blog and her Flickr pages. Via Phantasmaphile. Arsenic. Previously on { feuilleton } • The art of Juliet Jacobson

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Thirty years’ editorial labours produce ‘more comprehensible’ Finnegans Wake

Thirty years’ editorial labours produce ‘more comprehensible’ Finnegans Wake

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Jugend, 1896


So, then, I’ve now looked through several thousand pages of Jugend magazine and a few things have become apparent. If you’re interested in fin de siècle art and design then all the most interesting material is in the first four years of the magazine’s run, from 1896 on. After 1900 there are still examples of […]

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Keim & Czeschka’s Nibelungen


It’s all Art Nouveau again round here while I go through back issues of Jugend preparing a series of posts about the artists and graphics featured in that magazine. Just now, however, I’m too busy to do anything substantial so this will have to suffice, some of the illustrations by Carl Otto Czeschka (1878–1960) for […]

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Cadavres Exquis


Striking black-and-pink art for Diesel Japan’s Cadavres Exquis exhibition by French artist Jules Julien. His site includes other work for exhibitions and magazine features as well as a downloadable portfolio. Via Behance.

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Le livre blanc by Jean Cocteau


Two illustrations by Jean Cocteau for his homoerotic novel Le livre blanc. Cocteau never publicly acknowledged his authorship of the book but his illustrations (coloured by MB Armington) decorated the second edition published by Éditions du Signe in 1930. He also provided an introduction. The Koopman Collection has further illustrations and page scans. Cocteau wrote […]

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Exposition Universelle catalogue


Regular visitors here will know that the Paris Exposition Universelle of 1900 is never far away, and this is another addition to the surfeit of information about that event. Following last week’s delve into University of Heidelberg’s digital archives—which I really ought to have properly investigated when I first looked at them last year—I’ve been […]

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