The art of Rune Olsen


For Everything I Long to Do (2005/08).

A sculpture which resurrects the old tentacle sex motif, part of a series of sculpted works by Rune Olsen exploring unusual erotic permutations; this one of a naked man sniffing round the hind quarters of a wolf (?) also caught my attention.

The octopoid sculpture reminds me that I’d been intending on looking at some of the lesser-known treatments of the tentacle sex theme since I keep running across new examples. Soon maybe, when work here has calmed down a bit.

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3 thoughts on “The art of Rune Olsen”

  1. You happen to check out his “Flat Works”? Provides a clue to his upcoming work. Yeah. If you think the man & wolf piece is messed up. Wait til you see the polar bear.

  2. great works! tentacles one remind me some japanese drawings on same subject, not to mention the Laoconte statues…..

  3. I missed the flat stuff although I have seen that Amanda Lapour picture somewhere before. Yes, the polar bear one is quite an eye-opener.

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