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Dead on the Dancefloor


Suspiria: Jessica Harper and a bird with crystal plumage. For this year’s Halloween playlist I’ve let Mark Pilkington from Strange Attractor make the selection. The following is from a CD-R collection of Italian horror soundtracks that Mark sent me some time ago. Not everything here is easy to find but the superbly nerve-jangling racket created […]

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The Panic Broadcast


It was 70 years ago today—October 30, 1938—that Orson Welles and the Mercury Theatre traumatised American radio listeners with their brilliant adaptation of The War of the Worlds. I wrote about that recording last year so rather than repeat myself, here’s the final words from Howard Koch’s 1970 book about the play, The Panic Broadcast. […]

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Return to Las Pozas


Las Pozas is the unique fantasy/folly/Surrealist paradise which Edward James spent years building (and never quite finished) in the Mexican jungle of Xilitla. When I wrote about the place a couple of years ago decent photos were hard to find. Flickr has now filled the gap with this extensive set of views by Lucy Nieto. […]

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Mishima’s Rite of Love and Death


Yukio Mishima’s extraordinary, little-seen 28-minute film Yûkoku aka Patriotism aka Rite of Love & Death (1966) was released on DVD earlier this year via Criterion. You can also see it now on Ubuweb. Playwright and novelist Yukio Mishima foreshadowed his own violent suicide with this ravishing short feature, his only foray into filmmaking, yet made […]

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Design as virus 7: eyes and triangles


Continuing this occasional series. The above motif is the Golden Dawn‘s Wedjat or Eye of Horus emblem as reproduced in the hardback edition of The Confessions of Aleister Crowley, an “autohagiography”. Crowley was under discussion here a few days ago and the eye in a triangle symbol can also be seen on the sleeve of […]

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Elizabeth Goluch’s precious metal insects


Dragonfly (Green Darner) sterling silver, 18k & 14k gold, brass, ceramit, moonstone. Two of Elizabeth Goluch‘s unique—and no doubt expensive—sculptures. She also does a range of jewellery. Another fabulous find from Fabulon. Praying Mantis, sterling silver, copper, 14K & 18K gold. Previously on { feuilleton } • Kelly McCallum’s insect art • The art of […]

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Mikel Marton


Mikel by Mikel. Delectable Canadian photographer and self-proclaimed “renowned exhibitionist” Mikel Marton (aka Toxicboy) has finally moved from LiveJournal to Blogger. Looks like postings there of himself and his models will be more regular than before which is good to see. And his Toxicboy site is still active, of course. Previously on { feuilleton } […]

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The art of John Hurford


Oz #45, November 1972. This large-format issue of Oz magazine with John Hurford’s cover was one of the last published and is also one of the few issues I own. Hurford provided many interior illustrations for Oz and other magazines, as well as producing poster art and other graphics. Unlike many artists of the period […]

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More Barney Bubbles


For those who’ve been eagerly awaiting Paul Gorman’s Barney Bubbles monograph, here’s the latest. Readers in the UK may also like to know there’s a feature about the book in the current issue of The Word. By coincidence, if you turn the page in the magazine there’s another feature about the Rob Gretton book I […]

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How many leaf beetles can dance on the head of a pin?


One beetle, it seems. Klaus Bolte’s 40 X photograph is one of National Geographic‘s Best Microscopic Images of 2008. Previously on { feuilleton } • The art of Jo Whaley • Endangered insects postage stamps

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Aleister Crowley on vinyl


The appearance of occultist Aleister Crowley on the sleeve of Sgt Pepper is well-documented—here he is looking rather grainy on my CD insert—although I always forget which of the Beatles it was who put him in the list of “people that we like”. I’d guess John Lennon who would have appreciated Crowley’s obscene poetry, copious […]

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Brits abroad

Brits abroad | When Maupassant met Swinburne.

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Sword on the rocks


More unclothed men with swords and another vintage example, shamelessly swiped from Planet Fabulon. And while we’re on the subject of men, the Kangaroo Court Theatre Company has another new adaptation of The Picture of Dorian Gray (Matthew Bourne’s dance version is still touring) opening this week at the Tabard Theatre, London. A daring musical […]

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La belle sans nom


La belle sans nom (1900). An illustration by French artist Manuel Orazi (1860–1934) from Figaro illustré for a story by Jean Rameau. Via NYPL Digital Gallery. It’s good to see something else by Orazi other than advertising illustration. His astonishing work for Austin De Croze’s 1895 Calendrier Magique (below) can be seen in full at […]

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Coppola’s slow boat on the Nung

Coppola’s slow boat on the Nung | The five-hour Apocalypse Now.

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Design as virus 6: Cassandre


Poster by Adolphe Mouron Cassandre for L’Intrangigent, a Paris newspaper, 1925. Uncredited sleeve art for the second album by The Elektrics, 1981. Found whilst browsing this Flickr collection. Signed to Capitol/EMI during the new wave/power pop boom of 1979 and 1980, this East Coast quintet fronted by vocalist Carl Worner, released their debut album Current […]

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The art of Josiah McElheny


Island Universe (2008). Island Universe is a new work by American artist Josiah McElheny at London’s White Cube gallery. McElheny’s recurrent use of glass and mirrors would be enough to capture my attention anyway—I particularly like the Modernity piece below—but Island Universe also features a specially-commissioned sound accompaniment by one of my favourite musicians, Paul […]

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Studies in Pen Art


Two of many stunning calligraphy samples from Studies in Pen Art (1914) by William E Dennis, a free PDF at Luc Devroye’s extensive font site. Update: That site and link have expired but the PDF can be found here. Previously on { feuilleton } • Flourishes

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1 Top Class Manager


1 Top Class Manager is a book bearing the subtitle “The notebooks of Joy Division’s manager, 1978–1980″ published this week by Anti-Archivists, Manchester. I’ve been working on the design for this on and off since March although we actually started putting it together this time last year. Rob Gretton, manager of Joy Division and later […]

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The recurrent pose 21


And still they come… This variation on the Flandrin pose was recommended by Jonathan at Midian Books, for whom I designed some catalogue covers several years ago. Jonathan’s partner, Victoria Musson, took the (untitled) photo and their site features other examples of her work with a distinctly pagan quality. Elsewhere on { feuilleton } • […]

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A cover for Mr. VanderMeer


My period reworking of Jeff’s new Predator novel. Previously on { feuilleton } • Fungal observations

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Holman Hunt and the Pre-Raphaelite Vision


The Hireling Shepherd by William Holman Hunt (1851). Holman Hunt and the Pre-Raphaelite Vision is an exhibition of Victorian paintings at Manchester’s City Art Gallery which they describe as “the first international exhibition in over 40 years dedicated to the life and work of Pre-Raphaelite master William Holman Hunt.” It helps that they own some […]

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Hubble Heritage Gallery of Images


Cat’s Eye Nebula, NGC 6543. Some greatest hits from the visible universe. Amazing. Previously on { feuilleton } • The Lagoon Nebula

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The Willows by Algernon Blackwood


Light play on the river Thame by net_efekt. …the major products of Mr. Blackwood attain a genuinely classic level, and evoke as does nothing else in literature an awed convinced sense of the imminence of strange spiritual spheres of entities. The well-nigh endless array of Mr. Blackwood’s fiction includes both novels and shorter tales, the […]

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Phallic bibelots


Does Priapus rule the month of October? Having this lot appear in the same week makes it seems likely. The carved carnelian sealing ring above comes via Silent-Porn-Star. Then this Vivienne Westwood pendant turned up at Fabulon. Finally, there’s the discovery of two artists producing phallic glasswork. Paul Thomas created the pendants above while Jamie […]

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The recurrent pose 20


Meditation by Richard Taddei (2003). Many of Richard Taddei‘s paintings of male figures draw upon Classical and other references so encountering the Flandrin pose in his work isn’t too surprising. I really like the semi-abstract works of which Meditation is an example. Elsewhere on { feuilleton } • The gay artists archive • The recurrent […]

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Obsolete formats continued


Following yesterday’s post, more cassette culture. Cassette Generator allows you to make your own labelled cassette graphic like the one above. I’m not quite sure this has any compelling purpose but that’s the web for you. For the question of what to do with the world’s stock of unwanted cassettes, Designboom has a few suggestions, […]

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Old music and old technology


Clearing junk today turned up some obsolete artefacts one of which (the Kraftwerk) has been kept for purely sentimental reasons. It’s been amusing the past few years watching the vinyl disc refuse to crawl onto the scrapheap of history despite its death having been announced many times over by journalists who—as usual—should know better. Several […]

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Alan Aldridge: The Man With Kaleidoscope Eyes


I’ve never been all that keen on Alan Aldridge‘s brand of psychedelic art but it’s worth noting here the (London) Design Museum retrospective which runs from 10 October to 25 January, 2009. Aldridge’s work as a designer and illustrator for Penguin Books in the Sixties impresses me more than his subsequent illustrated Beatles lyrics and […]

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The art of Lolkje van der Kooi


Zeepaddestoel. Previously on { feuilleton } • The glass menagerie

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Joe Orton memorialised

Joe Orton memorialised | “Orton Square” announced in Leicester.

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Buchinger’s Boot Marionettes


Buchinger’s Boot Marionettes was founded in 2004 by Patrick Sims, Mafalda da Camara and Richard Penny. This pair of grotesques are from a show entitled The Vestibular Folds, described as “a tale about the engraving and destruction of a metaphysical gramophone record”. There is more… Previously on { feuilleton } • Jan Svankmajer: The Complete […]

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Vintage swordplay


A couple of lubricated additions to the burgeoning collection of pulchritudinous swordsmen. I know I’m not the only one who appreciates these pictures given the amount of times some of the posts below are examined. The photos this time were submitted by The Other Andrew and Thom at Fabulon respectively. Thanks, boys! Elsewhere on { […]

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Arthur #31


Cover photography by Lisa Law, design by Alia Penner. It was only a few months ago that Arthur Magazine was struggling to stay afloat in a nation swimming in inflated wealth. How quickly things change… Arthur #31 is available right now as a free PDF download while those in the US can pick up the […]

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