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Ginsberg’s Howl and the view from the street


James Campbell in The Guardian this weekend writes about the arrest fifty years ago of Lawrence Ferlinghetti for his publishing Allen Ginsberg’s paean to ecstatic drug use and gay sex, Howl and Other Poems. Ferlinghetti was arrested on charges of selling (or “peddling”, as these prissy turns of phrase always have it) literature likely to […]

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Alan Moore in Arthur magazine


Glykon and Asmodeus by Alan Moore (1994). Alan’s lengthy 2003 interview with Arthur magazine is now online if you missed it the first time, wherein he “gives Jay Babcock a historical-theoretical-autobiographical earful about the connection between the Arts and the Occult”. And his equally lengthy piece on the history of pornography from Arthur #25 is […]

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New things for April


Several disparate pieces of news worth mentioning recently, so here they are gathered together. • Some of my Lovecraft art is to be featured in a lavish limited edition volume from Centipede Press. Artists Inspired by HP Lovecraft Centipede Press is now accepting pre-orders. A unique art book available in a cloth slipcase edition and […]

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So Much Fire to Roast Human Flesh


JUST IN TIME FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR — ARTHUR MAGAZINE LAUNCHES NEW ALBUM TO BENEFIT COUNTER-MILITARY RECRUITING CAMPAIGNS “Let’s help give youth a balanced view of what military service REALLY means,” says Arthur editor Jay Babcock. With wars raging across the Middle East and prospects for peace dimming, the youth of America have wised up […]

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The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda II


Long, Strange Trip for a Hypnotic Film By James Gaddy August 27, 2006 The New York Times IT TOOK 38 years, but Ira Cohen’s cult film, The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda, which was first screened in 1968 at the high point of the psychedelic hippie head rush, is now commercially available. Given the close calls, […]

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Summer of Love Redux

The New York Times finally gets hip to the new folk/weird America thing. Arthur receives a passing mention. Summer of Love Redux By WILL HERMES Published: June 18, 2006 ASA IRONS of the Vermont musical collective Feathers is stroking his beard. It is formidable beard; a biblical beard. He and his band mates—who mainly operate […]

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Jay on the radio

Later today, boys and girls… Jay Babcock’s interview with Godsmack (a big band in America, apparently…) about the use of their music in ads for the US military caused quite a stir earlier this month after the band had a hissy fit and put the phone down on him. I posted the interview here and […]

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Boston band Godsmack are a bigger deal in America than here, their latest album having gone to no. 1 in the Billboard charts this week. The band like to play concerts for the US military and have allowed their songs to be used in recruitment ads in the past but seemed to get rather flustered […]

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Arthur #22


America’s most vital cultural bulletin. Free PDF download. How nature droners GROWING found their flow. By Peter Relic. Photography by Eden Batki. Swiss anthropologist-author JEREMY NARBY talks with Jay Babcock about what hallucinogens like LSD and the Amazonian drink ayahuasca have to teach us in the 21st century. Introduction by author Erik Davis, with a […]

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