Weekend links 539

Fire, Red and Gold (1990) by Eyvind Earle. • Roger Penrose won a Nobel Prize recently for his work in physics. I read one of his books a few years ago, and was intimidated by the “simple” equations, but I always like to hear his ideas. This 2017 article by Philip Ball is an illuminating … Continue reading “Weekend links 539”

Weekend links 538

The Elf Ring by Kate Greenaway. • “Is it possible that the Victorian fairy tradition, beneath its innocent exterior, operated as a conduit for a hidden tradition of psychedelic knowledge?” Just in time for the British mushroom season, Mike Jay explores the connections between psychedelic mushrooms, folklore and fairy tales. • “This second coming of … Continue reading “Weekend links 538”

Weekend links 537

“The dagger dropped gleaming upon the sable carpet.” The Masque of the Red Death illustrated by Harry Clarke, 1919. • 2020 is the year of enormous pink lady faces on book covers, apparently. As someone who spends little time following cover trends, the identification of a new variety of herd behaviour among designers or their … Continue reading “Weekend links 537”

Weekend links 536

Jim Hawkins in Treasure Island. An illustration by Mervyn Peake, 1949. • “Since it was 1967 when I became a teenager, I suspected that the Now would stir together rock ’n’ roll bands and mod girls and cigarettes and bearded poets and sunglasses and Italian movie stars and pointy shoes and spies.” Luc Sante on … Continue reading “Weekend links 536”

Weekend links 535

The Wagnerites (1894) by Aubrey Beardsley. • “Part of my problem with influence is that the concept is too univocal; most of us are impacted by many others during our lifetimes, but often in oblique ways. So many of the most interesting bits of cultural transmission happen nonlinearly, via large groups of people, and in … Continue reading “Weekend links 535”