Weekend links 524

Letter M from Abeceda (1942) by Jindrich Heisler. • At the BFI: Matthew Thrift chooses 10 essential Ray Harryhausen films. “This is, I can assure the reader, the one and only time that I have eaten the actors. Hitchcock would have approved,” says Harryhausen about eating the crabs whose shells were used for Mysterious Island. … Continue reading “Weekend links 524”

Weekend links 523

One of Ian Miller‘s drawings from the illustrated edition of Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles, 1979. • “I always said we were kind of an electronic punk band, really. We were never New Romantics, I don’t like it when we get lumped in with that.” Dave Ball of Soft Cell and The Grid talking to … Continue reading “Weekend links 523”

Weekend links 522

Self-Portrait (1935) by Johannes Hendrikus Moesman. • At Bibliothèque Gay, René Bolliger (1911—1971), an artist whose homoerotica is being celebrated in an exhibition, Les Beaux Mâles, at Galerie Au Bonheur du Jour, Paris, next month. There are more beaux mâles in a new book of photographs, Hi, Hello!, by Roman Duquesne. • The summer solstice … Continue reading “Weekend links 522”

Weekend links 521

Au Lion d’or (1965) by Mimi Parent. • After the recent announcement of Jon Hassell’s health issues it’s good to see he has a new album on the way at the end of July. Seeing Through Sound (Pentimento Volume Two) follows the form of the first volume, Seeing Through Pictures (2018), in reworking elements of … Continue reading “Weekend links 521”

Weekend links 520

Cover art by Ethel le Rossignol for To Kiss Earth Goodbye by Teleplasmiste. • I’ve been listening to London Zoo by The Bug this week so two new releases by The Bug’s beatmaster, Kevin Martin, seem well-timed. Martin’s music isn’t all pummelling rhythms and abrasive noise, he also favours doomy ambience, as demonstrated on his … Continue reading “Weekend links 520”