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Rene Beauclair


Bijoux modernes (c. 1900) from a series of Art Nouveau designs by Rene Beauclair. As usual the peacock caught my attention on this page. There’s more by Beauclair at the NYPL Digital Gallery Previously on { feuilleton } • Elizabetes Iela 10b, Riga • The Divine Sarah • Whistler’s Peacock Room • Lalique’s dragonflies • […]

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The recurrent pose 19


A Flandrinesque photo from this deviantART user which also happens to be entitled Flandrin, hence the close correspondence to the original. Elsewhere on { feuilleton } • The recurrent pose archive

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It’s official: “Goya work” was painted by his pupil

It’s official: “Goya work” was painted by his pupil

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The monstrous tome


So it arrived at last, yesterday in fact, the colossal volume that is A Lovecraft Retrospective: Artists Inspired by HP Lovecraft from Centipede Press. Calling this a book is like calling the Great Pyramid of Cheops a pile of stones, technically accurate but the words somewhat fail to convey the existential reality. This is the […]

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Arthur Magazine needs $20,000 by July 1 or it will die

From Jay Babcock: One year ago I ran up my credit cards and borrowed money from friends and family in order to buy out my ex-partner in Arthur. Since then I have maxed out my personal and business credit cards to service that debt and to start up publication of Arthur again. We have worked […]

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Arte y pico award


Thanks to Ms Bluewyvern at Blue Tea for honouring { feuilleton } with the Arte y pico award, the details of which are as follows: 1. You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also contributes to the blogging community, no matter what language. […]

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The New York City Waterfalls


Olafur Eliasson’s big new art project commences in New York today, with four waterfalls being installed at various places around the city. The photo here shows the Brooklyn Bridge installation during its test run on Tuesday and the project begins just as Eliasson’s NYC art show is drawing to a close. Brooklyn Bridge, meanwhile, was […]

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Giant of a painting, but is it by Goya or his assistant?

Giant of a painting, but is it by Goya or his assistant? | That question again.

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Over the rainbow


Today is the 30th anniversary of the first appearance of the rainbow flag at a gay pride event. Gilbert Baker designed the flag which was used for the 1978 Gay Freedom Parade in—where else?—San Francisco and he talked to The Independent last week about its legacy. Baker’s original design can be seen below, with the […]

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Kim Hanson


Landscape. Photography by Kim Hanson.

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Rabbit by Run Wrake


Rabbit (2007), a short animated film by Run Wrake based on drawings by Enid Blyton illustrator Geoffrey Higham. “When a boy and girl find an idol in the stomach of a rabbit, great riches follow, but for how long?” Find out at AtomFilms. The director talks about his film here. Previously on { feuilleton } […]

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Aubrey by John Selwyn Gilbert


Aubrey Beardsley photographed by Frederick Evans (1894). I’ve been going through the Coulthart VHS library recently, transferring to DVD recordings which can’t be purchased or found online. Among these is a drama from the BBC’s Playhouse strand, Aubrey by John Selwyn Gilbert, broadcast in 1982. This follows the life of artist Aubrey Beardsley from the […]

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“It’s not wonderful at all – it’s horrible”

“It’s not wonderful at all – it’s horrible” | Portishead again.

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A Midsummer Night’s Dadd


Contradiction: Oberon and Titania (1854–58). Richard Dadd painting Contradiction, c. 1856. Of all the paintings based on A Midsummer Night’s Dream my favourite is this one by Richard Dadd (1817–1886), the artist who famously murdered his father in a fit of psychosis and spent the rest of his days as an inhabitant of Bethlem Royal […]

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The world of dreams


El mundo al revés, a piece of folk surrealism from 19th century Spain. The sun and moon live under the earth, animals torment humans and fish fly through the air.

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The art of Joan Sasgar


Sebastian (no date). There’s more about this Spanish artist at Bajo el Signo de Libra (text in Spanish). Also some biographical details here. Elsewhere on { feuilleton } • The gay artists archive Previously on { feuilleton } • Saint Sebastian in NYC • Guido Reni’s Saint Sebastian • The art of Takato Yamamoto • […]

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“Oldest” computer music unveiled

“Oldest” computer music unveiled | Recorded in Manchester, 1951.

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The Mentor


Two Deco covers from this collection at VTS. No illustrator credited. Previously on { feuilleton } • The art of Cassandre, 1901–1968 • The Decorative Age • The World in 2030

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Babobilicons by Daina Krumins


A Babobilicon. Daina Krumins’ Babobilicons is a truly surrealist work in terms of both its process and product. Krumins takes time to make her films. It took her nine years to create this remarkable animated short, yet her method is in line with the surrealist affinity for chance operation. She cultivated slime molds on Quaker […]

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Books for Bloomsday


Ulysses is a book to own, a book to live with. To borrow it is probably worse than useless, for the sense of urgency imposed by a time-limit for reading it fights against the book’s slow pace, a leisurely music that requires an unhurried ear and yields little to the cursory, newspaper-nurtured eye. Most of […]

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Stamps of horror


The Royal Mail continues to rifle popular culture for suitable anniversary subjects, this week following its series of James Bond postage stamps with stamp sets celebrating the 50th anniversaries of Hammer’s first run of horror films and the Carry On series. I don’t think I’d use the word “celebration” in the case of the latter, […]

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Strange fiction

Strange fiction | Another big JG Ballard feature.

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Happy birthday Henry


The Sunworshipper (To the Morning Sun) (1904). Thanks to Mr Jahsonic for noting the 150th anniversary of the birth of Henry Scott Tuke (1858–1929). The current exhibition of his paintings at the art gallery in Falmouth, where he lived and worked, labels him a British Impressionist, avoiding mention of his status as principal painter among […]

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Su Blackwell’s book-cut sculptures


Alice—A Mad Tea Party (2006). More amazing examples at her website. In the pulp paperback world, meanwhile, there’s Thomas Allen. Alice Through the Looking Glass (2007). Previously on { feuilleton } • The Illustrators of Alice • Thomas Allen’s paperback art

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Because Wilde’s worth it

Because Wilde’s worth it | Matthew Bourne makes Dorian gay.

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Reynard the Fox


Reineke Fuchs, Einband der Ausgabe des Versepos von Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1846). From Wikimedia Commons’ stock of images related to the medieval trickster hero, and another great cover showing the 19th century art of the blocked binding. In a similar vein, don’t miss these marvellous illustrations at BibliOdyssey. Reineke als Sieger by Wilhelm von […]

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Albert Kahn’s Autochromes


“Lying on a raised dais, this woman may have been the concubine of an affluent opium smoker.” (1915) In 1909 the millionaire French banker and philanthropist Albert Kahn embarked on an ambitious project to create a colour photographic record of, and for, the peoples of the world. As an idealist and an internationalist, Kahn believed […]

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Old lighthouses


From a collection of old postcards depicting British lighthouses. My own fascination with these structures can be traced directly to these two particular examples. The Lower Light or Beach Lighthouse is positioned a couple of streets away from the nursing home where I was born. Although we never lived in Fleetwood, I grew up a […]

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The art of Virginia Frances Sterrett, 1900–1933


“Rosalie saw before her eyes a tree of marvellous beauty” from Old French Fairy Tales. Continuing the series of occasional posts mining the scanned library books at the Internet Archive, these illustrations are from a 1920 edition of Old French Fairy Tales by Comtesse Sophie de Ségur and a 1921 volume of Tanglewood Tales by […]

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When Chaplin Became the Enemy

When Chaplin Became the Enemy | Monsieur Verdoux.

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Raymond Voinquel


Projet pour le ‘Narcisse’ de Paul Valéry (1940). Photographs by Raymond Voinquel (1912–1994). Hommage au Bronzino (1940). • A gallery site | A Flickr set Via Fabulon. Previously on { feuilleton } • Norman McLaren • Reflections of Narcissus • Narcissus

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The New Love Poetry


Yesterday’s book purchase was a small poetry collection from the magical year of 1967, edited by Peter Roche. Despite its Beatles cash-in title, Love, Love, Love: The New Love Poetry, not everything here is lightweight fare, Adrian Mitchell’s Peace is Milk is aimed more at the war in Vietnam than some object of affection. Among […]

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“Fusion? It’s what I am”

“Fusion? It’s what I am” | The divine Natacha Atlas.

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The art of Rune Olsen


For Everything I Long to Do (2005/08). A sculpture which resurrects the old tentacle sex motif, part of a series of sculpted works by Rune Olsen exploring unusual erotic permutations; this one of a naked man sniffing round the hind quarters of a wolf (?) also caught my attention. The octopoid sculpture reminds me that […]

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One of a great quantity of Gothic studies by French architect Eugène Viollet-le-Duc at Wikimedia Commons. Also in the Commons is a large selection of photographs and drawings of the fortified city of Carcassonne which the architect controversially restored.

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Phallic worship


And why not, say I? Being a born-again pagan I’d much rather venerate the generative organ of the human male in all its splendour than abase myself before one of the invisible sky gods; I had my fill of that when I was an unwilling young Catholic. And besides, what gay man doesn’t worship the […]

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Bo Diddley, 1928–2008


So long, Road Runner. Lots of clips of the great man on YouTube, my favourite being this TV appearance with the amazing Bo-ettes. Without him punishing his guitar that way, you wouldn’t have (among other things) the MC5 doing this. And without them you wouldn’t have Sonic Youth doing this…

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The art of Arnaldo Pomodoro


One of the Italian sculptor‘s many Sphere works, part of a series which began in the Sixties. This one is situated at Trinity College, Dublin. Previously on { feuilleton } • Sculptural collage: Eduardo Paolozzi • The art of Igor Mitoraj

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Markus Bollingmo


Photography by Markus Bollingmo.

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“feed your head”