Elizabetes Iela 10b, Riga


Paris and Brussels are well-known centres of Art Nouveau architecture, less well-known but equally valuable is the Latvian capital of Riga whose historic centre is now a World Heritage Site. The highly distinctive building at Elizabetes Iela 10b is one of a number of buildings there designed by Mikhail Eisenstein, father of film director Sergei Eisenstein. The giant decorative heads are quite unique, and I also like the peacock and other mascarons. One can’t help but think that this façade—in a street full of equally detailed façades—would have sustained a lot more attention had it been built in a European capital.



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4 thoughts on “Elizabetes Iela 10b, Riga”

  1. Wild!
    Indeed, I think they would have been a favourite tourist sight.
    But they seem well cared for enough. The local administration could have had it destroyed as a symbol of dreadful decadent taste.

  2. Latvia was part of the Soviet Union and the Soviets always seemed pretty respectful of their heritage–they were embarrassed by the destruction of the Amber Room, for instance–they just didn’t want more of it.

    That aside I can’t help but see some parallel between Mikhail Eisenstein’s enormous heads and later monumental statues of Lenin and various symbolic figures which populated Soviet cities.

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