Lucien Gaillard


Two dragonflies (1904).

Art Nouveau insect jewellery by Lucien Gaillard (1861–1933).


Perfume bottle (?) (c. 1923).


Moth pendant (1900).

And while we’re on the subject, a display of precious stones and metals has opened at London’s Natural History Museum in a new gallery they’re calling The Vault.

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4 thoughts on “Lucien Gaillard”

  1. Heh, be my guest. He designed a lot of jewellery but these are the only insectile ones I could find.

  2. I love this dragonfly comb, almost enough to make me regret to have cut my hair…

    Have you seen things about the Jean Carriès exhibit at Petit Palais in Paris? I was struck by the similarities of some of his creations with some studies artists do now for fantasy books or movies. But this was in the middle and end bit of the 19th century…
    Found an article in English there.

  3. Thanks Nathalie, I hadn’t heard about the exhibition or the artist, surprisingly, despite the connection with Eugène Grasset, an Art Nouveau artist whose work is well-known. Will write something about this, and I wish I could see the exhibition.

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