Weekend links 154


Collage by Chloé Poizat.

Xenis Emputae Travelling Band plays the Music of John Dee, and free at Bandcamp: Victorian Machine Music by Plinth, the “creaking, winding, piping, chiming and wood-knocking of Victorian parlour music machines”.

Jeremy Willard on Mikhail Kuzmin, “the Oscar Wilde of Russia”. Related: Conner Habib on the Disinfo podcast discussing pornography, sexuality, and whether sex be a revolutionary act.

Ed Vulliamy paid a visit to Hawkwind’s Hawkeaster festival. The Hawks’ Warrior On The Edge Of Time album is released in a remastered edition next month.

• Blasts from the past: Mahavishnu Orchestra, live in France, August 23rd, 1972, and Ashra (Manuel Göttsching & Lutz Ulbrich) in Barcelona, 1981.


An illustration by Alberto Martini for Raw Edges (1908) by Perceval Landon.

NASA’s cover designs for Space Program manuals, guidebooks, press kits, reports and brochures.

PingMag—”Art, Design, Life – from Japan”—makes a welcome return as an active blog.

Suzanne Treister‘s Hexen 2.0 Tarot designs.

Listening to records that no longer exist

The architectural origins of the chess set

The Bohemian Realm of Absinthiana

Les sources d’une île: a Tumblr

Hammer Without A Master (1998) by Broadcast | Test Area (1999) by Broadcast | Make My Sleep His Song (2009) by Broadcast & The Focus Group

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  1. Regarding “Listening to records that no longer exist” I came across this bit in my quest to find the earliest recorded example of baroque music – I’m still not sure if I have found it yet or not, but this must be mighty close – you can barely hear the chorus through the noise of reproduction, but that is interesting and haunting in itself…
    Handel Festival: “Israel In Egypt” – excerpt
    On note with cylinder: “A chorus of 4000 voices recorded with phonograph over 100 yards away”
    Composed by: G.F. Handel
    Conducted by: August Manns
    Record format: Edison yellow paraffine cylinder Recorded by: Col. George Gouraud, foreign sales agent for Thomas Edison
    Location: the Crystal Palace, London, England
    Recording date: June 29, 1888.
    ENHS object catalog number: E-2440-20e


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