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Blue Sky Noise (2010) by Esao Andrews. • Franz Xaver Messerschmidt is the first exhibition in the United States devoted exclusively to the 18th-century sculptor. Related: an earlier post about the artist’s work. • How are the team behind War Horse planning to follow up their smash hit? With a gay love story performed by […]

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Louis Wain at Nunnington Hall


The Mother of Triplets. Anyone in the vicinity of Nunnington Hall in North Yorkshire over the next month has the opportunity to view and—if you’re wealthy enough—buy some pictures by Victorian cat artist Louis Wain (1860–1939). Wain is famously “The Cat Artist Who Went Mad” (as Chris Beetles’ gallery site puts it) and that piece […]

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A Midsummer Night’s Dadd


Contradiction: Oberon and Titania (1854–58). Richard Dadd painting Contradiction, c. 1856. Of all the paintings based on A Midsummer Night’s Dream my favourite is this one by Richard Dadd (1817–1886), the artist who famously murdered his father in a fit of psychosis and spent the rest of his days as an inhabitant of Bethlem Royal […]

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The art of Jean Carriès, 1855–1894


The Frog with Rabbit Ears (1891). La matière de l’étrange, an exhibition of ceramic grotesques by Jean Carriès is currently running at the Petit Palais, Paris, through to January 27th, 2008. Carriès doesn’t feature in any of my books about eccentric or fantastic artists which I find surprising, his work is very peculiar by 19th […]

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A Madmen’s Museum


An article discovered whilst flicking through a collected edition of Cassell’s Magazine for the months June to November 1903. Cassell’s ran light fiction, often in serial form, and articles of general interest to the Victorian and Edwardian reader, of which this is an example. The discussion of art produced in insane asylums is presented in […]

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Bernini’s Anima Dannata


Anima Dannata (Damned Soul, 1619) by the incredible Gian Lorenzo Bernini. From an old Italian postcard (thanks Lorraine!). Here’s a more recent view. Previously on { feuilleton } • The art of Franz Xaver Messerschmidt, 1736–1783

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The art of Franz Xaver Messerschmidt, 1736–1783


Left: The Arch-Evil by Messerschmidt, c. 1770. The Artist Estranged by Lorenz Eitner “TO BE IN PRESSBURG and not to visit the famous sculptor Messerschmidt would be a disgrace to the connoisseur of art,” wrote a traveller in the early 1780s, still under the fresh impression of the “Egyptian Heads,” which the unpredictable artist had […]

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