The Masks of Medusa

We had Sartorio’s Gorgon and the Heroes yesterday so here’s some Medusas to continue the theme. Art history, especially in the nineteenth century, is full of Medusa portraits; these are some of the better ones.


Medusa by Caravaggio (1598-1599).


Head of Medusa by Peter Paul Rubens (1617).


Medusa by Gian Lorenzo Bernini (c. 1650).


Medusa by Frederick Sandys.


Meduse by George Frederick Watts.


Pendant with the Head of Medusa by Alfred André (1885/1890).


Medusa (The Furious Wave) by Lucien Levy-Dhurmer (1897).


Medusa by Philippe Wolfers (1898).


Medusa by Vincenzo Gemito (1911).

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The art of Giulio Aristide Sartorio, 1860–1932

4 thoughts on “The Masks of Medusa”

  1. A great sculpture. I thought of that one, and Canova’s famous Perseus also, but decided to stick with Medusa’s head.

  2. Always a favorite creature. I’d always drawn her with the hair dredding up, then turning to snakes and such, and never seen anyone else do that. Don’t you just hate to have your bubble bursted. They are cool though. Rubens is the best, in my opinion.

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