One thought on “The art of Stanislav Szukalski, 1893–1987”

  1. The best book on his works was co-written by Leonardo DiCaprio and I believe his father. Its unfortunate, keeping me from getting it for cheap a number of times. Sooner or later I saw it mentioned favorably in the old (and better) Diabolus Rex web gallery, and the very next day saw it looking rather out of place in an out of the way bargain bookseller. The sculpted ‘hand’ piece above is my favorite, even though I was initially jealous because I had already drawn creatures whose fingers, strangely enough end with raptor-like faces. I hear people moaning that he seems to much like H R Giger. I would argue that Rex is far more Giger-like. Szukalski’s style maybe intricate and sensual, but it seems far more dramatic and almost war-like, whereas Giger’s are tranced and contemplative, far more controlled.

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