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Another playlist for Halloween


A follow-up to last year’s list. Seeing as Joy Division are very much in the news at the moment with the release of Control and the re-issue of the albums, I thought a post-punk theme would be appropriate. The period which immediately followed punk in the late Seventies saw a lot of doom being imported […]

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Battle of the bloodsuckers

Battle of the bloodsuckers | Jeremy Dyson looking for the greatest screen Dracula.

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Patrick Gries


Lampris Guttatus (Moonfish). Some bones for Halloween… Have a good one. Photograph from Evolution (in Action): Natural History Through Spectacular Skeletons, a book of striking animal skeleton pictures by Jean-Baptiste de Panafieu and Patrick Gries.

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The night that panicked America


The Mercury Theatre on the air. Being a long-time fan of both HG Wells and Orson Welles, the latter’s radio production of War of the Worlds with the Mercury Theatre group has always held a special fascination. This was staged sixty-nine years ago today, October 30th, 1938, and famously caused panic among listeners who missed […]

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Harlan Ellison: Dreams with Sharp Teeth


Harlan Ellison. “You have somebody who is one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century.” Neil Gaiman on Harlan Ellison, and so say all of us. The quote comes from a trailer for Dreams with Sharp Teeth, a new documentary about Ellison’s life and work which, as far as I can tell, has yet […]

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Conceptual art should be allowed to speak for itself

Conceptual art should be allowed to speak for itself | Good luck with getting any gallery to agree with that. The NS ponders Doris’s crack.

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The recurrent pose 10


The Flandrin pose turns up again on Flickr. Elsewhere on { feuilleton } • The recurrent pose archive

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Horror in the shadows

Horror in the shadows | Algernon Blackwood profiled.

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Cormac and the Coens


CM, JC & EC photographed by Eric Ogden. First an Oprah interview, now a feature in TIME; the famously reclusive Cormac McCarthy is almost becoming gregarious. The TIME piece is only a short sit-down between CM and the Coen Brothers which serves to promote the forthcoming film of No Country for Old Men but it’s […]

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The most hated album in jazz

The most hated album in jazz | Miles Davis’s On the Corner.

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Ave Atque Vale!


Aubrey Beardsley illustrates Catullus for The Savoy, no. 7 (1896). Farewell then, Mister Aitch, now he’s decided to call it a day at the wonderful and unique Giornale Nuovo. He’d been blogging (must we call it that? It seems we must…) for five years which probably makes him first generation in the concentrated timescale of […]

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The art of Julie Heffernan


Self Portrait as Booty (2007). I hadn’t come across Julie Heffernan’s work before until examples turned up a few weeks ago on several different websites in the space of a few days. The picture above—a typical indicator of her current concerns—is featured on the cover of a new edition of Tin House, a collection of […]

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Family Dog postcards


top: William Henry (1967); Victor Moscoso (1967). bottom: Victor Moscoso (1967); Kelley/Mouse (1967). Marvellous. Oldhandbills.com has a lot of this stuff, loads of designs I’ve never seen before. Via Arthur. Elsewhere on { feuilleton } • The illustrators archive Previously on { feuilleton } • The poster art of Marian Zazeela

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Boredoms in Manchester


Anyone who subscribes to the stereotype about Japanese people always being quiet and unassuming has never seen a Japanese rock band. Last time I returned from a gig with my ears ringing the way they are now was after seeing Acid Mothers Temple a few years ago. Tonight it was the turn of Boredoms who […]

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Bad Behaviour


“February” from Bad Behaviour 2008, a calendar by Australian photographers Ross Brownsdon and Travis de Jonk. Bad Behaviour 2008 is a collection of fetish inspired images, celebrating the art of fantasy and the expression of alternative desires. These dark, erotic fantasies are created with great sensitivity and detail, making them captivating, beautiful and sexy. Previously […]

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Wanted: actor with naked ambition

Wanted: actor with naked ambition | John Patterson asks for more dick.

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When It Takes Three People to Make a Duet

When It Takes Three People to Make a Duet | Robert Plant, Alison Krauss & T Bone Burnett.

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“The game is afoot!”


Jeremy Brett in The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle. A few words of praise for Jeremy Brett is his role as the world’s greatest detective, for my money the definitive screen Sherlock Holmes. I’ve spent the past few weeks working my way through the complete run of TV adaptations that Granada Television produced from 1984 […]

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The art of Michiko Hoshino


Library Recollection II (1993). Artist Michiko Hoshino (born 1934) has produced a number of lithograph portfolios based on the work of Jorge Luis Borges. More inspirations than illustrations, which is no bad thing, with disembodied clock faces and—unsurprisingly—books among the melting textures. Garden of Borges—Labyrinth (2001). • A Japanese gallery page • An American gallery […]

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Deborah Kerr, 1921–2007


The Innocents. A great British actress died this week. She was also something of a movie star in the Fifties, rolling in the surf with Burt Lancaster in From Here to Eternity (1953) and standing up to Yul Brynner in The King and I (1956). Prior to that she starred in two films for Michael […]

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“I was trapped into being alive”

“I was trapped into being alive” | The great Robert Wyatt.

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Karel Zeman


Inspiration (1949). Karel Zemen (1910–1989) is a filmmaker I’m often telling people about but whose work isn’t easy to see. So it’s good to find that YouTube has gained some clips of his animations and examples of the partly-animated adventure films he made in the Fifties and Sixties. Zeman was yet another great Czech animator […]

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Russian book jackets, 1917–1942


Pushtorg (Fur-Trade) by Il’ia L’vovich Sel’vinskii (1931). Designer uncredited. Tri veka (Three Centuries) by Dmitrii Dmitrievich Blagoi (1933). Designer uncredited. Lots more here. Via Coudal. Elsewhere on { feuilleton } • The book covers archive

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The recurrent pose 9


Here we go again… Okay, so it’s not quite the Flandrin pose since he has his head up, but I love Lindsay Lozon’s photography and can use the topical excuse that he has a new book of his work out, All My Boys, which includes this picture. Previous posts in this series have now been […]

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The art of Toni Pecoraro


Dedalo (2004). Laberinto 21 (2000). Lots more etchings of labyrinths and other imaginary landscapes at the artist’s site. Elsewhere on { feuilleton } • The etching and engraving archive

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Jeff VanderMeer at Dark Roasted Blend

Jeff VanderMeer at Dark Roasted Blend | New interview which includes one of my illustrations.

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Cain’s son: the incarnations of Grendel


Beowulf wrestles with Grendel, Lynd Ward (1939). There’s nothing new in pointing out Hollywood’s crimes against literature, the film business has been screwing up book adaptation since the earliest days of silent cinema. But sometimes the wound is so grievous you can’t help but speak out, in this case against Roger Avary’s Beowulf which is […]

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Questions You Should Never Ask a Writer

Questions You Should Never Ask a Writer | Doris Lessing from 1992.

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New things for October


“Mirage in time—image of long-vanish’d pre-human city.” A couple pieces of news to catch up with here, both Lovecraft-related which is very apt for the month of Halloween. The first is the work I gave a teaser view of in August, a commission for Maison d’Ailleurs, the Museum of Science Fiction, Utopia and Extraordinary Journeys […]

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Sex at the Barbican


Still from Blowjob by Andy Warhol (1963). Seduced: Art and Sex from Antiquity to Now opens today at the Barbican Art Gallery, London, and runs until 27 January 2008. Seduced explores the representation of sex in art through the ages. Featuring over 300 works spanning 2000 years, it brings together Roman sculptures, Indian manuscripts, Japanese […]

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“Weirdsley Daubery”: Beardsley and Punch


Britannia à la Beardsley by ET Reed (1895). Pickings grow slim for the dedicated Beardsleyphile after you’ve bought a few books. Despite his prolific career, Aubrey B was dead at 25 and the better collections of his work, especially Brian Reade’s essential monograph, Beardsley (1967), tend to contain almost his entire corpus, juvenilia and all. […]

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Doris Salcedo’s Shibboleth


Art for crack addicts. Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall is so vast and empty it’s quite a challenge for an artist to do anything interesting with it. One option is to try and fill the space which is what Anish Kapoor did with his enormous Marsyas, the first of the Turbine works I saw there in […]

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Alan Moore: the wonderful wizard of… Northampton

Alan Moore: the wonderful wizard of… Northampton | Alan in the Telegraph.

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The recurrent pose 8


A great addition to the growing collection of Flandrin-derived poses, courtesy of The Other Andrew. Probably a piece of Fifties physique photography, although it could be a more private example like the Flickr photo in #2. Elsewhere on { feuilleton } • The recurrent pose archive

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The larval stage of a new kind of architecture

The larval stage of a new kind of architecture | Ballard on Bilbao.

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Custom creatures


If Polly Morgan’s animal corpse art seems macabre, it looks positively mundane next to Serina Brewer’s creations. Her Custom Creatures include many multi-headed inventions like the cat thing shown here. She also does a fine line in carcass art, pickled pets and jewellery made from various extremities, should you be searching for those elusive alligator […]

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Polly Morgan, fine art taxidermist


Still Life After Death (fox) (2006). Rest a Little in the Lap of Life (2005). Polly Morgan‘s work is on display at The Exquisite Corpse exhibition, Trinity Church, Marylebone Road, London, until October 19th. (No exhibition website.) Previously on { feuilleton } • Cryptozoology • Insect Lab • The art of Jessica Joslin • The […]

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Having finally lost patience with the K2 theme I’m now searching for a better solution so things will be in a state of flux here for a while. Much as I like K2, the developers seem incapable of producing a stable version despite the number of people working on it. The older version I was […]

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The art of Harold Hitchcock


Sunrise in a Valley (1974). It’s difficult to say whether the work of Harold Hitchcock (born 1914) is rarely seen in his native country because of those British art critics who’ve often regarded fantastic or sacred themes with suspicion—or whether it’s merely because people find his work to be bad. Sometimes the latter accusation appears […]

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Rêve d’hommes


Erwann and Bruz photographed at Rêve d’hommes aka Men of my dreams.

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“feed your head”