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William Burroughs’s Stuff


Some of it, anyway. This bullet grasshopper was owned by William Burroughs and photographed by Peter Ross as part of a series presenting some of the writer’s possessions. No clues as to who constructed this but I like the way it combines two of Burroughs’ persistent interests, insects and weapons. Via Coudal. Previously on { […]

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Jewelled butterflies and cephalopods


Above: gold, silver & enamel butterfly and squid, both by John Paul Miller. More at this Flickr page. Below: Tintenfisch und Schmetterling (Octopus and Butterfly; 1900) by Wilhelm Lucas von Cranach, a master jeweller who liked his octopuses. Tips by Chateau Thombeau and Fine & Dandy (NSFW). Previously on { feuilleton } • Geoffrey Haberman’s […]

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Telling Tales at the V&A


Robber Baron Table (2006) By Studio Job. Telling Tales, a free exhibition now running at the V&A, London, is subtitled Fantasy & Fear in Contemporary Design. Looking at Studio Job’s timely and prescient Robber Baron Table, “fear and loathing” might be more suitable; a must for the current crop of squalid parasites in the banking […]

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Kitchen insects


Speculative designs for kitchen utensils by artist and designer Sayaka Yamamoto. Previously on { feuilleton } • Elizabeth Goluch’s precious metal insects • Kelly McCallum’s insect art • Thomas Paul’s sealife • Laura Zindel’s ceramics • The art of Jo Whaley • The art of Philippe Wolfers, 1858–1929 • Lalique’s dragonflies • Lucien Gaillard • […]

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Elizabeth Goluch’s precious metal insects


Dragonfly (Green Darner) sterling silver, 18k & 14k gold, brass, ceramit, moonstone. Two of Elizabeth Goluch‘s unique—and no doubt expensive—sculptures. She also does a range of jewellery. Another fabulous find from Fabulon. Praying Mantis, sterling silver, copper, 14K & 18K gold. Previously on { feuilleton } • Kelly McCallum’s insect art • The art of […]

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Kelly McCallum’s insect art


In addition to insects, Kelly McCallum also has birds filled with clockwork mechanisms, stuffed animals being eaten by gilded grubs, jewellery carved from human bones, and more. Plus a quote from the Prince of Quotation, Walter Benjamin: “The grey film of dust covering things has become their best part.” Via 3quarksdaily. Previously on { feuilleton […]

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