Thomas Paul’s sealife


Thomas Paul’s melamine plates parallel Laura Zindel’s ceramics in their borrowing of natural history engravings. Anything which brings tentacles into home furnishing gets a vote here and the octopus design at the top right can also be found on Paul’s cushion designs. Jeff VanderMeer would probably bemoan the absence of the squid but I took care of that department last year.

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5 thoughts on “Thomas Paul’s sealife”

  1. Since you linked to your Cafepress page, I’ll raise this otherwise irrelevant question: why aren’t you offering any kid-sized squid shirts? I’ve been looking for one to give as a gift for some time now, and as an admirer of Jeff’s books and your art, I figure it might as well be one of yours.

  2. Hi James. The CafePress stuff is something of a lottery in that you can’t predict what people will want and not all designs work for all products. Mine don’t anyway, either due to being the wrong shape or being the kind of thing which people would be unlikely to buy for kids. I can easily amend that.

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