New things for April II


By an odd coincidence my work manifests in two different forms in Finland this month. Above is the Finnish reprint of ‘King Squid’ by Jeff VanderMeer, part of his City of Saints and Madmen fantasy novel which I designed as a self-contained work. SF magazine Tähtivaeltaja has produced this as a supplement to their latest issue and done a great job of maintaining the look of the original printing.


And in the music world there’s a new CD design for Finnish metal band Turisas. This is their second album, The Varangian Way, a concept affair that describes the journey taken by Viking explorers from the Gulf of Finland to Byzantium via the rivers of Russia. Very bombastic stuff, with choir and orchestra backing the band so it’s probably fitting that I again referenced (ie: swiped) the bloated sun from Bob Peak’s Apocalypse Now poster for the cover.

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3 thoughts on “New things for April II”

  1. The only other Viking album I can think of is Robert Calvert’sLucky Leif and the Longships although maybe there are others that I’m not aware of

    Not as good as Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters but it has its’ moments

    Another weird concept album I woudln’t mind hearing would be Serge Gainsbourg’s Rock around the bunker

    although I’d have to get the lyrics translated to understand it

  2. If you search on Wikipedia for Viking Metal you’ll find a lot of bands listed there.

    Haven’t heard Lucky Leif for a long time. I used to have a rare vinyl copy of that. I met Calvert briefly at a Hawkwind gig once and he seemed completely spaced out.

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