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Chelsea’s bohemians rage in fight to save New York landmark’s soul

Chelsea’s bohemians rage in fight to save New York landmark’s soul

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No sun–no moon! No morn–no noon! No dawn–no dusk–no proper time of day– No sky–no earthly view– No distance looking blue– No road–no street–no “t’other side this way”– No end to any Row– No indications where the Crescents go– No top to any steeple– No recognitions of familiar people– No courtesies for showing ’em– No […]

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Percy Thrillington, Magritte & me

Percy Thrillington, Magritte & me | William Burroughs, tape experiments and electro; Paul McCartney weirds out.

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Cocteau’s sword


Jean Cocteau looking nothing less than fabulous in what I guess is 1955 since the writer is sporting his Académie française medal, an award bestowed upon him that year. The ceremonial sword is his own design, needless to say, and the curiously-tinted photographs are by Frank Scherschel for LIFE. The colours and lavish decor—those metallic […]

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The art of Mati Klarwein, 1932–2002


If book collecting is frequently a waiting game, some waiting periods can be longer than others. In the case of Mati Klarwein’s God Jokes, my patience and hope have sustained themselves for 28 years until I finally acquired a copy this Thursday afternoon. God Jokes was the second book of Mati Klarwein’s work, published by […]

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Steampunk Horror Shortcuts


Time again for some work updates and other news. I mentioned in August that this Steampunk design—created to illustrate a formula definition of the genre by Jeff VanderMeer—was originally going to be a T-shirt. That idea fell by the wayside when an opportunity arose to submit it to Modofly who were asking for Steampunk-related work […]

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The recurrent pose 23


These latest examples of the postural idée fixe come via The Other Andrew (again…thanks, Andrew), courtesy of his eye for the vintage male. The first one isn’t quite the Flandrin pose (although that rule has been broken here before) while the second is even more vague but the Jack Baker ad was something that turned […]

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The Kelpies


Maquettes from which the final works will be produced. Given the choice between Thomas Heatherwick’s B of the Bang sculpture—a vast bundle of metal spikes situated near the City of Manchester Stadium—and Andy Scott’s proposal for The Kelpies, a pair of giant horse heads due to be erected in Falkirk, Scotland, I’d probably prefer the […]

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Psoakoonaloose me


— You’re a nice third degree witness, faith! But this is no laughing matter. Do you think we are tonedeafs in our noses to boot? Can you not distinguish the sense, prain, from the sound, bray? You have homosexual catheis of empathy between narcissism of the expert and steatopygic invertedness. Get yourself psychoanolised! — O, […]

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Strange fruits

Strange fruits | “Harlem in the twenties was a kind of queer amusement park”

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The art of François Houtin


Grand Totem n°1 (2001). From a collection of etching of imaginary gardens by the French artist at Galleria del Leone. Pyramide n°1 (1991). Elsewhere on { feuilleton } • The etching and engraving archive

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At least it’s big in Japan

At least it’s big in Japan | Mike Hodges on his “lost films”.

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John Coltrane’s Giant Steps


John Coltrane’s solo from Giant Steps animated for your delectation by Daniel Cohen. Via DO. Previously on { feuilleton } • Oh Yeah by Charles Mingus • Alice Coltrane, 1937–2007

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France forgets giants of British cinema

France forgets giants of British cinema | Merde alors!

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Heaven and Hell Calendar


It was only a week ago I announced a new calendar for 2009 and now here’s an additional CafePress creation which manages to offer more than another collection of Lovecraft illustrations. This is a sampling of my work from the past few years gathered under the vague rubric of Heaven and Hell. A couple of […]

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Guy Peellaert, 1934–2008


Diamond Dogs (1974). Many people know this classic album sleeve even if they don’t recognise the name of the Belgian artist who painted it. Guy Peellaert died this week and this is easily his most famous picture. I remember being very struck by its appearance in the local record shop window which always displayed gatefold […]

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Vintage swordplay #3


Another vintage find courtesy of The Other Andrew. (Thanks, Andrew!) The tag on this photo revealed the model to be one Steve Wengryn and since I’m not an expert on these beefcake types this was news to me. A swift search also revealed that Steve was a popular model in the 1950s and posed for […]

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Henri Rivière’s Eiffel Tower


Des Jardins du Trocadéro l’Automne. Paris again and a suitably autumnal scene from Thirty-Six Views of the Eiffel Tower (1902) by Henri Rivière (1864–1951). Inspired by the celebrated Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji, these do for the City of Light what Hokusai and Hiroshige did for Japan. De la rue Beethoven. Du Pont d’Austerlitz. Previously […]

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Béla Bartók caricatured


One of my favourite 20th century composers and I’ve always liked this 1934 caricature from the BBC’s Radio Times magazine, reprinted a few years ago during the Proms season. I’ve searched in vain for the identity of the artist in the hope of finding more work in this style; the “R” monogram is undoubtedly a […]

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Forty years on, McCartney wants the world to hear ‘lost’ Beatles epic

Forty years on, McCartney wants the world to hear ‘lost’ Beatles epic

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Welcome to Mars


Arriving today—and barely surviving the postman’s attempts to cram it through the letterbox—is the latest volume from Strange Attractor, Welcome to Mars by Ken Hollings. I’m really looking forward to reading this since it touches on areas of interest which span the development of Cold War technologies to pulp science fiction, examining the interconnections between […]

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Return to the Exposition Universelle


Main entrance gate by René Binet. I can’t leave the 1900 Paris exposition alone, and with good reason. If further proof were required that this event brought Winsor McCay’s Slumberland to earth for a few weeks, this stunning Brooklyn Museum Flickr set has the evidence. Not only five pages of high-resolution views but they’re all […]

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Coulthart Calendar 2009


I’ve been a bit late with the new calendar this year but it’s finally available at CafePress. I’ve also been somewhat remiss in reusing last year’s pages rather than uploading new ones. Preparing 12 pages of art takes time even if you’re using old images—they have to be the right dimensions, after all—and I’ve been […]

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Dawn of the jazz age: Sir Duke Ellington’s adventures in Britain

Dawn of the jazz age: Sir Duke Ellington’s adventures in Britain

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Al Farrow’s Reliquaries


Trigger Finger and two Ribs of Santo Guerro (detail). Amazing sculpture from Al Farrow’s Reliquaries series. Gun parts, bullets and bones, about which the artist says this: I am not a gun person. My fascination with guns is with their function and use. It is the ubiquitous presence, seeming necessity and actual accessibility of guns […]

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The recurrent pose 22


I don’t have any information as to the location of this statue (Hermosa Beach?) or the identity of the artist, unfortunately, but it’s another rare example of the Flandrin pose done as a sculpture. Unlike an earlier version by Pierre Yves Trémois, this seems copied directly from Flandrin’s painting. Update: Note Hermosa Beach but the […]

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Daunting, dazzling – and doomed

Daunting, dazzling – and doomed | The Tower of Babel.

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The Central Molecular Zone


Our Galaxy’s Central Molecular Zone by A. Ginsburg (U. Colorado – Boulder) et al., BGPS Team, GLIMPSE II Team. NASA explains: The central region of our Milky Way Galaxy is a mysterious and complex place. Pictured here in radio and infrared light, the galaxy’s central square degree is highlighted in fine detail. The region is […]

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Last in Line by Light Syndicate


Last in Line is the debut album by Manchester band Light Syndicate and the CD packaging is something I put together after being asked to rescue a design which wasn’t quite working. I kept the band’s original idea of black trees on a red background but substituted their drawing with an adaptation of a 1910 […]

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No recluse

No recluse | Scott Walker interviewed.

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Rockwell Kent’s Moby Dick


From Rockwell Kent’s masterful 1930 edition. Would be nice to point to a complete online set of these illustrations but there doesn’t seem to be one. The black and white pictures are from this Flickr set which has a couple more examples. Update: A (near) complete set of illustrations! Elsewhere on { feuilleton } • […]

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Shooting from the hip

Shooting from the hip | David Thomson on ‘jazz film’.

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Le Sphinx Mystérieux


Le Sphinx Mystérieux (1897). Charles van der Stappen’s most impressive sculptural work and one I missed including in this earlier post. Van der Stappen doesn’t seem to have done anything else like this which is a shame as it’s a very iconic fin de siècle image, conveying a sense of enigma without resorting to the […]

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The Modern Poster by Will Bradley (1895). A selection from the NYPL Digital Gallery. There’s more by the great Will Bradley (1868–1962) here. Abstract design based on peacock feathers by Maurice Verneuil (1900?). Pavo; Lophophorus (1834–1837). Elsewhere on { feuilleton } • The illustrators archive Previously on { feuilleton } • Rene Beauclair • Elizabetes […]

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Let’s get physical: Bruce of Los Angeles and Tom of Finland


Edgar Hayes (Beach) (1957). Bruce of Los Angeles is a new exhibition of beefcake photos from the Fifties and Sixties at Wessel + O’Connor, NYC, which opens today and runs until December 20, 2008. Bruce’s name is a very familiar one to aficionados of physique photography and I imagine some of these prints will be […]

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The best font won


The beautifully elegant Gotham typeface by Hoefler & Frere-Jones was already becoming pretty ubiquitous even before the Obama brand designers chose it for all their campaign graphics. I’ve used it myself a couple of times recently, notably on the jacket for Keith Seward’s Horror Panegyric. Some typefaces have a flush of popularity then fade as […]

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The young generation: Burroughs and Kerouac – an unpublished collaboration

The young generation: Burroughs and Kerouac – an unpublished collaboration

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America decides

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Yma Sumac, 1922–2008

Yma Sumac, 1922–2008

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The art of Fred Tomaselli


Abductor (2006). Two examples from this gallery selection. There’s more at White Cube. Halo of Flies (2006). Previously on { feuilleton } • Yoshitaka Amano in Berlin • Visions and the art of Nick Hyde • AVAF at Mao Mag

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