James Bidgood


Bobby Looking Out Shuttered Window from Pink Narcissus, mid- to late 1960s.


Blue Boy from Pink Narcissus (Bobby Kendall), mid- to late 1960s.

James Bidgood’s deliriously rich photographs are currently on exhibition at Clampart in New York, and the show includes stills from his classic film Pink Narcissus. Bidgood discusses his work here. And for those of us not in NYC, there’s a Taschen collection available.

James Bidgood: Photographs from the 1960s
January 4th–February 17th, 2007
521–531 West 25th Street
Ground Floor
New York City 10001

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4 thoughts on “James Bidgood”

  1. Kinda reminds me of the images in Anger’s flicks, though somewhat more blatantly showcasing their being in the mood. I can’t say I’ve seen Fireworks though, I heard somewhere its racy.

  2. Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome reaches some of the heights of camp that Bidgood attains, although for different reasons.

    Fireworks is rather primitive but still extraordinary considering Anger was a teenager when he made it. It’s racy for the time (1947), I suppose?he gets savagely beaten by sailors with chains; at the end you see someone with a firework spurting from their open pants. The Anger trailer over at Fantoma.com has a few extracts.

  3. I love Bidgood’s stuff (I discovered him via Pierre et Gilles, whose work I also love). I wish I could find more of it.

  4. Hi Yvonne.

    There’s the big Taschen book but that’s dismayingly expensive. However they did do a postcard set which is worth looking out for.

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