Cocteau’s sword


Jean Cocteau looking nothing less than fabulous in what I guess is 1955 since the writer is sporting his Académie française medal, an award bestowed upon him that year. The ceremonial sword is his own design, needless to say, and the curiously-tinted photographs are by Frank Scherschel for LIFE. The colours and lavish decor—those metallic palm trees—aren’t so far removed from the photographs of James Bidgood although the milieu certainly is. I doubt Cocteau would mind who the photographer was if Bidgood’s favourite model, Bobby Kendall, was in the picture with him.



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6 thoughts on “Cocteau’s sword”

  1. I have to say the pattern on that vest looks a stunner also!

    Cocteau … what a guy. *sigh*

    Note to self : settle down and go through Francis Steegmuller’s excellent biog again over the summer.

  2. Thanks for the biography tip. I have a rather mediocre biography from (I think) the 1960s and keep intending on getting a decent replacement.

  3. You’re welcome John.

    The “Cocteau – A Biography” Steegmuller tome was a constant reference point as a 70’s teenager where almost everything Cocteau-ish was sheer magic and inspiration for me.

    Do you have any idea where Cocteau’s sword lives nowadays?

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