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The art of Philippe Mohlitz


Planche où je me suis perdu (1972). 31 Decembre (1982). Batir (1989). Recipient of the Grand Prix L.G. Baudry 2000, Philippe Mohlitz is well known to printmakers and collectors for having spectacularly rescued the art of copper engraving from a long period of increasingly stiff and stylized treatment. A true virtuoso of the burin (engraving […]

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Surrealist women


Was the Surrealist movement the first art grouping to give female creators more of an equivalent status to their male counterparts? The recent posting about Leonora Carrington had me considering this question again (yes, this is what taxes my brain while it’s awake). The answer isn’t so easy to find since women artists had been […]

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Kenneth Anger on DVD…finally


Finally…well, we’ll see. Forgive my sceptical tone, these announcements have been cropping up for years although this one seems genuine, with an Amazon page and everything. Good to know that it’s a Fantoma production since they did a great job with Jodorowsky’s Fando y Lis. The enigmatic Marjorie Cameron portrays the Scarlet Woman for Inauguration […]

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Leonora Carrington


The Guardian profiles the wonderful Leonora Carrington, one of the last of the original Surrealists. There’s little excuse for the Tate’s neglect as recounted below, Marina Warner has championed her work for years and she was the subject of a TV documentary in the BBC’s Omnibus strand in the 1990s. Maybe the Tate curators should […]

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Reasons to be cheerful

Forty-six percent of white evangelical Christians believe it’s at least somewhat likely that Jesus Christ will return in 2007, while 22 percent believe it’s very likely. Thirty-four percent of Protestants say it’s at least somewhat likely, compared with 17 percent of Catholics. Ten percent of those with no religion believe that Christ is at least […]

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Calendar sale

Let’s start the new year with some traditional commercialism. My CafePress calendars are now reduced in price to $17.99 which means I make all of $1 on each sale. Still not much of a bargain for purchasers but that’s the way it goes with all CafePress products, their own starting price is always high. I’ll […]

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New Year by Picasso (1953). Happy new year. 02007? Read this.

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