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The Peacock Garden (1898) by Walter Crane.

• “The trio [Remedios Varo, Leonora Carrington & Kati Horna] became known as the ‘three witches’ for their exploration of the supernatural and metaphysical—which ranged…’from tarot readings to shamanic psychedelics to attempts to stop or slow time.'” Teresa Nowakowski on Remedios Varo: Science Fictions, an exhibition of Varo’s paintings at the Art Institute of Chicago which includes the one that Thomas Pynchon singled out for description in The Crying of Lot 49.

Philip K. Dick giving a lecture on “orthogonal time” to a small audience at the Festival International de la Science-Fiction, Metz, in 1977. Dick’s talks and interviews aren’t exactly scarce, but this one was of interest for me since I recently designed an edition of John Crowley’s Great Work of Time, a novella which involves a similar concept. If you were at the Metz Festival in 1977 you could also see a live performance by Cluster. Lucky you.

• “Our minds remain open when the LSD wears off.” Steve Paulson on psychedelic drugs and their usefulness as therapeutic tools.

• At Cartoon Brew: Stephen Irwin’s animated films “combine the influences of David Lynch, Struwwelpeter, and the Brothers Grimm.”

• Steven Heller looked at NB3, the third book about Neville Brody’s graphic design. Elsewhere, Heller’s font of the month is Scusi.

The glowing, prismatic nervous system of a sea star wins the Scientific Image of the Year.

• At Unquiet Things: Forgotten worlds and wonderlands from The Art of Fantasy.

• “Don’t waste my time with blood-free monster movies,” says Anne Billson.

• At Aquarium Drunkard: King Tubby And Soul Syndicate — Freedom Sounds In Dub.

• Mix of the week is DreamScenes – August 2023 at Ambientblog.

Time Machine (1970) by Stray | Time Captives (1973) by Kingdom Come | The Existence Of Time (2012) by Monolake

3 thoughts on “Weekend links 687”

  1. I was lucky enough this summer to see a small but wonderful exhibit of Remedios Varo’s paintings at Gallery Wendi Norris in San Francisco. The gallery has made available an electronic exhibit catalog: https://www.gallerywendinorris.com/news-reviews/remedios-varo-e-catalog
    as well as producing a video that can be found on their YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d41nuqJuqvs

    I am hoping I can travel to Chicago somtime between now and November to see the larger exhibit currently on view there.

  2. Thanks, that was good of them. The photos of the paintings in their frames were welcome also. I often like to know how physically large (or small) something is. It’s easier to do that from a photo than from dimensions in a catalogue.

  3. Having been fortunate enough to attend the original US exhibition of Varo’s work here in Washington DC waaaay back in 2000 I am excited by the upcoming exhibition. Varo should be more widely known. Her work is uncanny. And you can honestly say that utterly unironically.

    Also, the good folks at Wakefield Press are about to bring Varo’s collection of writings back into print. Dream journals, letters, notes about her paintings, automatic writing, even a surrealist text about a race of prehumans who navigated with wheels!

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