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The entire run of Britain’s first underground/alternative newspaper. Incredible. IT was never as flashy as Oz but ran for longer and arguably had the better contributors, among them William Burroughs. One notable feature was an avant garde comic strip, The Adventures of Jerry Cornelius, written by Michael Moorcock and M John Harrison with artwork by Mal Dean and Richard Glyn Jones. Heavyweight contributions to magazines tend to get reprinted, however, what I enjoy seeing in archives such as this is the ephemera which can’t be found elsewhere: adverts, reviews and illustrations like the one below. The site is a bit slow and it would have been good to have individual issues as PDFs but it feels churlish to complain. More archives like this, please.

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Illustration by Stanley Mouse (1969).

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  1. To who it may concern,

    I hope you will be able to help me. Between 1965 – 1970 I wrote an article for your paper, which consisted of some photos that were taken of my friend and I. The subjet was about london youth around the time of the skinheads and suedheads subculture.

    I have looked through your web site but unfortunatly I have been unable to fine the article in question.

    It was written by myself (Terry Payne) and my dear frined Colin Mccloughan.

    I hope you can help me locate this article as it is very dear to me.

    Kind regards

  2. Hi Terry,

    I’ve been working on the IT archiving project with A Database.
    I suggest you use the advance search tool,form
    and do a search by keywords using the “OCR text” field.
    All the text of the issues have been electronically recognized and stored on the database for each page. However sometimes the automatic reading could miss some words, especially with a creative printing layout such us the one of the IT publication.
    Please feel free to contact me at if more help is required.

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