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And back again


Normal service has been resumed. Thank you.

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In another place


Where we’re from the birds sing a pretty song, and there’s always music in the air. My internet connection has been steadily degrading over the past few days to the extent that I’m now reduced to posting this via the antiquated miracle of dialup. Things will be quiet here for the next day or so […]

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And back again


Well that took a lot longer than it should have done but as I mentioned earlier, the break has enabled me to catch up with some pressing deadlines. Despite the delay the server move seems to have gone better than in the past, and should have the advantage of making this part of the site […]

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The server swap is still ongoing here so, for technical reasons I won’t bore anyone with, I’m taking a short break until things are sorted out. Yesterday’s post and a couple of recent comments may vanish for a while but if they do they should be restored soon after. A break would be useful this […]

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Weekend links 4


Will at A Journey Round My Skull turned up this hand-coloured picture from Ronald Balfour’s illustrated Rubáiyát some of whose other drawings were featured here recently. That distant volcano is a curious detail. Related: Golden Age Comic Book Stories posted plates from Willy Pogány’s edition. • Authors on authors: China Miéville on JG Ballard; Rodrigo […]

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Four today


Good things come in fours: the mighty Kraftwerk performing Numbers on the Minimum-Maximum DVD (2005). Yes, the day between Darwin Day and St. Valentine’s Day is this blog’s birthday. I continue to be surprised that I’ve kept this going for so long since I never managed to keep a diary. Doing work that chains you […]

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Under the weather


“He is the Napoleon of crime, Watson.” Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes in The Final Problem (1984). As well as chasing a deadline this week I’m now suffering badly from a cold, always a dismal combination if you can’t take time off. So this picture of the wonderful Jeremy Brett is all you get today. […]

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Calendar sale!


Now we’re into January it’s customary here to reduce the cost of the latest calendar since these things have a limited shelf-life. This year’s Psychedelic Wonderland production has been my most popular so far and can be had now for $17.99, one dollar over the base cost. Thanks again to everyone who bought a copy. […]

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The Firebird, a costume design by Léon Bakst for the Ballet Russes/Stravinsky production of the same name which had its premiere in Paris on June 25, 1910. 02010? Read this. Happy new year!

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{ feuilleton } is taking a short break. As usual, you’re encouraged to browse the archives.

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Extended downtime over the past few days was caused by a major server calamity at the webhost end so my apologies to regular visitors. I keep backups of everything for precisely this reason—servers of all kinds can be subject to failure—but one of the problems with an increasingly sprawling site such as this (8,000+ files, […]

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Butterfly women

The Flapper by Frank X Leyendecker, Life magazine (1922). When I posted this splendid cover last July I said that I ought to make a post of Butterfly Women, so here is one. Don’t expect this to be at all comprehensive, women with butterfly wings are as legion as mermaids, these are merely a couple […]

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Blackout day

William Burroughs’ Control Virus is alive and well and ready to flourish in New Zealand on February 28 where new copyright laws will force ISPs to take down material as a result of accusation only, no proof required. 16,000 people have signed a petition against this at the Creative Freedom Foundation site. Update: Internet copyright […]

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The name’s d’Eon. Chevalier d’Eon

The name’s d’Eon. Chevalier d’Eon | “He was an 18th-century spy who loved to cross-dress and swordfight.”

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Font haiku


Nothing doing here for the past twenty-four hours due to things collapsing at the webhost end. Everything seems stable now (fingers crossed). In future when this happens check my Twitter feed for reports. So then… The above is the better of my two entries for a Valentine’s day competition on the Extensis blog which required […]

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Tweet addicts may like to know that I’m now on Twitter.

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Three today


Three Spheres II (1946) by MC Escher. Celebrating the third { feuilleton } anniversary and post number 1,438. It’s become customary now to list the most popular posts of the past year so here we go again: • The Underwater Sculpture Gallery. This has been surprisingly popular for several months now, despite pictures of the […]

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January sale!


Yes, it’s that word again… As is customary here, this year’s calendars have been reduced in price to $17.99, a dollar above the CafePress base cost. The Heaven and Hell calendar has sold surprisingly well so I’ll be keeping the shop active for the next couple of months. My thanks to everyone who bought one […]

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Life magazine for August 5th, 1909, with an illustration by Coles Phillips. 02009? Read this. Happy new year!

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No sun–no moon! No morn–no noon! No dawn–no dusk–no proper time of day– No sky–no earthly view– No distance looking blue– No road–no street–no “t’other side this way”– No end to any Row– No indications where the Crescents go– No top to any steeple– No recognitions of familiar people– No courtesies for showing ’em– No […]

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