Weekend links 602


High Times, May 1980. Cover art by Frank Frazetta.

• Desperately Seeking Mothman: “The Scythian Lamb, after all, was equal parts Venus flytrap and baby lamb, a mysterious woolly gourd,” says Tara Isabella Burton, on the trail of cryptids old and new.

• “In my youth of course I indulged in such stunts as bringing forth a Boramez, or a so-called vegetable lamb.” It’s that lamb again, in a translation of pages from The Voynich Manuscript.

• “2022: Be willing to be dazzled,” says S. Elizabeth. Also, follow her blog because she’s always turning up strange and wonderful things.

• “Why do we count down to the New Year?” Alexis McCrossen explores the history of countdowns, from Fritz Lang to the present day.

• “Snow coats reality in a fresh layer of strangeness,” says Charlie Fox.

• Spending the War Without You: Laurie Anderson’s Norton Lectures.

• New music: Our Hands Against The Dusk by Rachika Nayar.

• Mix of the week: Fact Mix 840 by Time Is Away.

• Galerie Dennis Cooper presents…Piet Zwart.

Does It Matter Irene? (1979) by The Mothmen | Tardis (Sweep Is Dead, Long Live Sweep) (1981) by The Mothmen | Mothman (1981) by The Mothmen

2 thoughts on “Weekend links 602”

  1. I’d be skeptical towards that Voynich translation. After all, it has been claimed to be deciphered many a time, and none of these have turned out to be conclusive. I’m not all too cynical (though I’d be a bit sad to see the mystery vanish) but I’m not holding my breath.

  2. I agree. I linked to that piece mainly because it was via Justin EH Smith whose blog posts (and now Substack) I’ve been reading for a long time. And it’s not the first of April but scroll to the bottom of his post…

    I also enjoyed finding two articles in the same week that mentioned the mysterious Scythian Lamb, a beast I think JEHS has mentioned before in his writings.

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