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Weekend links 357


Ruth St Denis (2010) by Agnieszka Brzezanska.

As Above, So Below: Portals, Visions, Spirits & Mystics is an exhibition of occult-oriented art at IMMA, Dublin. “An alternative history of art of the last century,” says Aidan Dunne.

THIS IS THE SALiVATION ARMY: a Tumblr archive of Scott Treleavan’s queer-pagan-punk zine, 1996–1999.

• Mixes of the week: Secret Thirteen Mix 219 by Paper Dollhouse, and a Mika Vainio Tribute Mix by broken20.

• Valdimar Ásmundsson’s Icelandic translation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula has been translated back to English.

• First evidence for higher state of consciousness found (thanks to psychedelic drugs).

• At Bibliothèque Gay: Narkiss (1908) by Jean Lorrain.

Boyd White on finding Arthur Machen’s bookplate.

Barry Adamson’s favourite albums.

John Waters: By the Book.

Dread: Lustmord in dub.

XXY Oscilloscope

Vampire (1976) by Devon Irons | Keep On Dubbing (1976) by Augustus Pablo | African Dub (1977) by The Silvertones



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  1. #1 posted by Michelangelo Iaffaldano


    Following your link I just watched The Salivation Army for the first time and… my ex girlfriend Simone is in it! Awwww, John, you made my day!

  2. #2 posted by John


    Ha, thanks, I’m glad to hear it. The coincidence doesn’t surprise me just now; since reading England’s Hidden Reverse (which deals in part with the UK equivalent of TSA) I’ve been subject to an outbreak of synchronicities connecting things past and present.

  3. #3 posted by herr doktor bimler


    Boyd White on finding Arthur Machen’s bookplate.

    This kind of thing always ends badly:






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