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Corset boy


And why not? Photograph by Andrew Loxley for another great feature at Fantasticsmag.

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Burroughs: The Movie


The author at home in his Bunker. When I was writing last August about Yony Leyser’s new Burroughs documentary William S Burroughs: A Man Within I mentioned Howard Brookner’s 1983 film, Burroughs, a 90-minute study of the writer’s life and work that as a film biography remains definitive. Brookner was fortunate to capture all the […]

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Bradley does Beardsley


Browsing various bookbinding sites this week turned up a gorgeous cover design I hadn’t seen before by the great Will Bradley (1868–1962). The Beardsley influence is unmistakable, of course, and more pronounced than one usually sees in Bradley’s work. Richard Le Gallienne is a familiar name to scholars of the London fin de siècle scene […]

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Maria Nilsdotter


Dragon Skull Ring. Jewellery by Swedish designer Maria Nilsdotter. Looking at her blog posts I’d guess that her snake bangle is inspired by the serpentine ring and bracelet set designed by Alphonse Mucha and Georges Fouquet for Sarah Bernhardt. Snake bangle (blackened silver). Previously on { feuilleton } • The Divine Sarah • Lalique’s dragonflies

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Penises and caustic soda: the case of the Cambridge antiquities

Penises and caustic soda: the case of the Cambridge antiquities

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Peter Edwards times two


Sometimes it pays to have an unusual name… Ritual is a 1967 novel by David Pinner which has been claimed on many occasions to be the original source for the story which Anthony Shaffer wrote as The Wicker Man. An illustrator named Peter Edwards was responsible for the cover graphic and possibly the hand-drawn type […]

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Strange Attractions


Giant Squid of the Newfoundland Banks. From a painting by Herbert B Judy. Today’s Giant Squid comes to you courtesy of the University of Washington’s Digital Collection and their Freshwater and Marine Image Bank. This book plate is from Sea-shore Life; The Invertebrates of the New York Coast and the Adjacent Coast Region (1905) by […]

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The recurrent pose 30


The previous post in this series showed Flandrin’s Jeune Homme Assis au Bord de la Mer (1836) being used as a book cover illustration and here it is again, confirming once again how easily the painting fits the world of homoerotica whatever the original intention of the artist. I hadn’t come across this book before […]

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Roger Dean: artist and designer


Kieran at Sci-Fi-O-Rama was in touch recently asking me to contribute a paragraph about a favourite Roger Dean picture for this feature about the artist. The following splurge of polemic was the result, something I’d been intending on writing for a while. Since so many words would have overwhelmed the other contributions it’s being presented […]

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The art of Christian rex Van Minnen


Cathartes. Paintings from this gallery of portraits and still lifes. I suspect Jeff VanderMeer would appreciate the Manfungus series. Via Chateau Thombeau. Manfungus 1.4. Elsewhere on { feuilleton } • The fantastic art archive

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Queer Noise in Manchester


A reminder that the Manchester District Music Archive‘s Queer Noise event (for which I designed posters and flyers) takes place this Saturday. Join us on Saturday 23rd January 2010 at The Deaf Institute for a one-off celebration of gay music in Manchester. The line-up includes: DJs: Dave Kendrick (Paradise Factory) • Jayne Compton (Club Brenda) […]

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New Austin Spare grimoires


The latest Starfire catalogue has news of the unearthing of two unfinished grimoires by Austin Osman Spare both of which are due for publication later this year. The two books—The Focus of Life & The Papyrus of Amen-AOS and The Arcana of AOS & the Consciousness of Kia-Ra—date from 1905–06 and I presume the picture […]

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The art of Yannis Tsarouchis, 1910–1989


Man with butterfly wings sitting on his heels, study from life (1965). Two paintings by Greek artist Yannis Tsarouchis among whose homoerotic works can be found obsessively recurrent depictions of men with butterfly wings. Via Bajo el Signo de Libra. Winged spirit buttoning his underpants (1966). Elsewhere on { feuilleton } • The gay artists […]

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Schott’s Physica Curiosa


Pages from Physica Curiosa (1697) by Gaspar Schott, a collection of natural anomalies and the usual debatable creatures which belong in a fantastic bestiary. Some of these are similar to illustrations from the same period which I’ve used in Ann & Jeff VanderMeer’s Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals, due for publication soon by Tachyon. Elsewhere […]

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Anger in London


It’s that man again… Following on the heels of the occult-themed Strange Attractor Salon (which is running events throughout this month, it should be noted; tickets here), the Sprüth Magers gallery, London, has a Kenneth Anger exhibition opening on February 19th based around Anger’s delirious short film Invocation of My Demon Brother (1969) and his […]

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Secession posters


Alfred Roller (1901 & 02). A selection of posters for the Vienna Secession at Lawrence University’s Art of the Poster site. Alfred Roller’s stylised lettering on the poster below was famously adapted by Wes Wilson for his psychedelic designs in the 1960s. left: Koloman Moser (1902); right: Alfred Roller (1903). Previously on { feuilleton } […]

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On gospel, Abba and the death of the record: an audience with Brian Eno

On gospel, Abba and the death of the record: an audience with Brian Eno

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A profusion of Peake


Bellgrove, young Titus and Barquentine by Mervyn Peake. Case designed by Robert Hollingsworth. I’d thought about posting the covers of my boxed set of Gormenghast paperbacks a couple of years back when there was a flurry of blogospheric attention being given to Penguin cover designs…thought about it then never got round to it. The reason […]

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A dream movie revisited

A dream movie revisited | Kubrick’s unmade Napoleon.

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Ecce homo


Saint Sebastian appears rather unconcerned by his wounds in this contemporary version by Yves De Brabander, part of his Ecce Homo series which reworks some recurrent themes from western art history. Elsewhere on { feuilleton } • The gay artists archive Previously on { feuilleton } • The art of Robert Sherer • The art […]

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Sinister silhouettes


One of a series of creepy children’s illustrations by Alexander Ovchinnikov which look like the work of pioneering animator Lotte Reiniger pushed into a darker world. Ovchinnikov’s Behance portfolio has a similar set mixing silhouettes with photography. Elsewhere on { feuilleton } • The illustrators archive

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Does horror really work on stage?

Does horror really work on stage? | Ghost Stories by Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman.

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William Burroughs’s Stuff


Some of it, anyway. This bullet grasshopper was owned by William Burroughs and photographed by Peter Ross as part of a series presenting some of the writer’s possessions. No clues as to who constructed this but I like the way it combines two of Burroughs’ persistent interests, insects and weapons. Via Coudal. Previously on { […]

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Metamorphosis Victorianus


left: L’antre du magicien (1948); right: La Distribution des soleils (1945). I’m rather late with this one, Metamorphosis Victorianus—Modern Collage, Victorian Engravings & Nostalgia is an exhibition running at the Ubu Gallery, New York until the end of the month. Lots of the names one would expect to see in a collection of engraving collagists […]

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Arabesque for Kenneth Anger by Marie Menken


“There is no why for my making films. I just liked the twitters of the machine, and since it was an extension of painting for me, I tried it and loved it. In painting I never liked the staid and static, always looked for what would change the source of light and stance, using glitters, […]

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Illuminated ice


The International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival at Harbin in north-east China excels itself this year with its illuminated ice sculptures. Some of these creations are so elaborate they must spend months planning them. The Boston Globe’s Big Picture has a page of incredible photos and a film report of the event. Previously on { […]

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Joseph Cavalieri’s stained glass


The Good Ship Ménage À Trois (2008). New York artist Joseph Cavalieri‘s stained glass work using Simpsons characters received a flurry of blogospheric attention recently. Of more interest for me is his gay-themed panels like the one above which show a different approach to the medium from that taken by Diego Tolomelli. Gormenghast (2009). And […]

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Snowbound cinema


A satellite view of snow across Great Britain on January 7, 2010. Walking the snow-laden streets this week felt like a considerable novelty when we rarely have snowfalls of any depth here and what there is never lasts much longer than a day. The current low temperatures which began just before Christmas may be inducing […]

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More science fiction covers


These science fiction cover galleries are becoming so ubiquitous it hardly seems worth cataloguing a new discovery. However… This pair are from the George Kelley Paperback and Pulp Fiction Collection at the University of Buffalo Libraries: The UB Libraries’ George Kelley Paperback and Pulp Fiction Collection includes over 30,000 pulp fiction books and magazines. A […]

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The Art of Fontana Modern Masters


Design by John Constable, painting by Oliver Bevan (1971). James Pardey was in touch again this week with news of his a book cover site which follows his earlier (and justly praised) Art of Penguin Science Fiction. The new site The Art of Fontana Modern Masters presents the abstract cover designs for Fontana’s collection of […]

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The art of Henri Privat-Livemont, 1861–1936


left: Absinthe Robette (1896); right: Bitter Oriental (1897). Henri Privat-Livemont, a Belgian artist and one of the best of the post-Mucha Art Nouveau stylists. I’ve featured his Absinthe Robette poster before but am including it again since it’s my favourite of the ones I’ve seen. All of these are from the Art of the Poster […]

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Last man standing: what Cormac McCarthy made of my adaptation of The Road

Last man standing: what Cormac McCarthy made of my adaptation of The Road

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From graphic novels to graphic sex: Alan Moore’s history of erotic art

From graphic novels to graphic sex: Alan Moore’s history of erotic art

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Vision Quest


Artwork: Accepting Fear Rather Than Trying to Understand It by Jason Leinwand. Pam at Phantasmaphile follows last year’s Fata Morgana: The New Female Fantasists show by curating a new exhibition, Vision Quest, at Observatory, Brooklyn, NYC later this month: …each piece in VISION QUEST explores the archetype of the shamanic voyage, using the tools of […]

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Further additions to the Men with swords archive courtesy of The Other Andrew. The model is one Peter Gordon who appeared with his brother, Sandy, in physique sessions photographed by “Spartan” in the 1950s. I don’t know whether these shots came from VMP originally but that site has the same pictures and many more, and […]

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A walk on the wild side in 70s New York

A walk on the wild side in 70s New York | Edmund White and City Boy.

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Calendar sale!


Now we’re into January it’s customary here to reduce the cost of the latest calendar since these things have a limited shelf-life. This year’s Psychedelic Wonderland production has been my most popular so far and can be had now for $17.99, one dollar over the base cost. Thanks again to everyone who bought a copy. […]

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The Firebird, a costume design by Léon Bakst for the Ballet Russes/Stravinsky production of the same name which had its premiere in Paris on June 25, 1910. 02010? Read this. Happy new year!

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