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1967: The summer of love

1967: The summer of love “It was the moment that flower power went mainstream. But was it really a riot of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll? Forty years on, leading figures recall their part in the revolution.”

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T&H: At the Sign of the Dolphin


James Joyce and his World (1978). Despite my earlier statement about not being much of a collector, today’s book purchase (above) was enough to confirm some well-established patterns (obsessions, even) that should make me reconsider any hasty pronouncements. Not so much for the subject in this case—I already have enough books by and about James […]

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The Maids murder mystery

The Maids murder mystery Neil Bartlett’s new production of Genet.

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The recurrent pose 3


It’s that man again… Another instance of the perennial Flandrin pose, this time from photographer MJ Cardozo. The earlier examples are linked below. Elsewhere on { feuilleton } • The recurrent pose archive

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Jack Rose returns


And speaking of American folk music, guitarist Jack Rose returns to Manchester this month and I’ve once again been asked to design the poster and flyers for the event. I was hoping to do something a bit more elaborate and original for this but overruns on other work meant I ran out of time; sticking […]

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Harry Smith revisited


Harry Smith in the middle of the Twentieth Century with some of his drawings. The first European exhibition of work by artist, writer, filmmaker, collector, Kabbalist, ethnographer…okay, polymath Harry Smith, opens today at the Reg Vardy Gallery, Sunderland. The exhibition runs from 2nd May–8th June 2007. In addition, there’s a companion exhibition, Harry Smith Anthology […]

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America’s war on tourists

America’s war on tourists Well “tourists” sounds like “terrorists”, right?

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Fantastic art from Pan Books


Fantastic Art (1973). Cover: Earth by Arcimboldo. I’d thought of writing something about this book series even before I started this weblog since there’s very little information to be found about it online. I can’t compete with the serious Penguin-heads—and I’m not much of a dedicated book collector anyway—but I do have a decent collection […]

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