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Moscow in Paris


More Russians…

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Soviet ceramics of the 1920s


Ilya Chasnik

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25 Years


This month marks the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, generally estimated to be responsible for the deaths of 25 million people worldwide. Today, with dismally ignorant timing, George Bush reconfirmed his intention to write minority discrimination into the American Constitution: THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. Next week, the United States Senate will […]

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Os Mutantes


Os Mutantes: Back from Outer Space Though rarely heard outside their Brazilian homeland (especially during their brief career), Os Mutantes were one of the most dynamic, talented, radical bands of the psychedelic era – quite an accomplishment during a period when most every rock band spent quality time exploring the outer limits of pop music. […]

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Bruce Sterling: green design and “spimes”

Cyberpunk pioneer has designs on a better world The author of seminal science-fiction works is taking a very pragmatic approach to the world’s environmental challenges Interview by Anthony Alexander Thursday June 1, 2006, The Guardian Technology Guardian: How did you get into environmentalism and climate change? Bruce Sterling: Science-fiction writers are not effective activists. But […]

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The future is now


Continuing the Blade Runner theme, many cities are increasingly coming to resemble Ridley Scott’s vision of future Los Angeles. This is Shanghai now, from a Flickr pool. If anywhere is going to look like Blade Runner in 2019, it’s a good bet it’ll be a Chinese city.

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