Weekend links 622


Testa Anatomica (1854) by Filippo Balbi.

The New School of the Anthropocene is “…an experiment. But it is also an act of repair. In partnership with October Gallery in London, we seek to reinstate the intellectual adventure and creative risk that formerly characterised arts education before the university system capitulated to market principles and managerial bureaucracy… (more)”

• “Every once in a while, you come across old music that generates a shock of new excitement.” Geeta Dayal on Oksana Linde whose electronic compositions are being released in a retrospective collection next month.

• More Walerian Borowczyk: Anatomy of the Devil, a collection of Borowczyk’s short stories, newly translated into English by Michael Levy, and with a cover design by the Quay Brothers.

• Washing machines, garden snails, and plastic surgery: A stroll through the Matmos catalogue. Related: “Why scientists are turning molecules into music.”

• Coming soon from Strange Attractor: Boogie Down Predictions, Hip Hop, Time and Afrofuturism, edited by Roy Christopher.

• At Spoon & Tamago: Exploring Japan’s historical landmarks and shrines in the middle of streets.

• New music: Adrian Sherwood Presents: Dub No Frontiers, music by female dub artists.

Winners of the 2022 Milky Way Photographer of the Year.

• A Vision In Many Voices: The art of Leo and Diane Dillon.

Molecular Delusion (1971) by Ramases | DNA Music (Molecular Meditation) (1985) by Riley McLaughlin | Pop Molecule (Molecular Pop 1) (2008) by Stereolab

7 thoughts on “Weekend links 622”

  1. wow! amazing as always.
    thank you form introducing me to DNA Music (Molecular Meditation) by Riley McLaughlin. I´m a medical geneticist, so it´s really fit ;)

  2. Thanks, Víctor. I surprised myself with that one since I forgot I had a copy. A few years ago I downloaded a lot of rare New Age cassettes from a site affiliated with that YouTube channel. One of them was the Riley McLaughlin album which I hadn’t played properly until this week.

  3. Hi John. Do you know if anyone here in the UK stocks Rotland Press publications as I’d really like to order the new Borowczyk collection but their international postage is very steep – almost as much as the book itself!

  4. I was thinking the same myself, US postage rates have increased a lot in recent years. I’ve asked Ryan at Rotland about UK distribution so I’ll let you know what he says.

  5. Steve: I’ve been told that there isn’t any overseas distribution for Rotland publications so we’ll have to hope that they turn up on Abebooks or eBay or somewhere.

    Caspar: Yes, and I’ve always thought it would have been better if it was a 10cc album. I’ve got a vinyl copy which is nice to own for the cover—it’s very large when opened out—but I never play it.

  6. Thanks for checking, John. I’ll add the book to my ever-expanding wants list for now and hope that one appears somewhere closer to home in the future.

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