Philippe Caza record covers


Bad Taste (2014) by The Datsuns.

Continuing an occasional series about artists or designers whose work has appeared on record sleeves. Druillet and Moebius have already featured in this series so here’s another French comic artist whose work was popularised in the Anglophone world by Heavy Metal magazine. In addition to comics, Caza has been a prolific cover artist for French fantasy, horror and SF novels, some examples of which are reused here. As with Druillet, many of his record sleeves are reprintings of comics panels, but he’s also created a few pieces specially for vinyl and CD.


Aber Du (1985) by Haindling.


Mémoire Des Ecumes (1985) by Torgue.

A soundtrack album (?) for the comic book of the same name by Caza and writer Christian Lejalé.


Musique Originale Du Film Les Enfants De La Pluie (2003) by Didier Lockwood.

The soundtrack album for an animated feature film co-written and designed by Caza. This follows earlier Caza-derived animations by René Laloux including the feature-length Gandahar (1988).


Sweat All Night (2013) by Nico’ZZ Band.


Deep Sleep (2014) by The Datsuns.

A panel from Kris Kool, 1968.


La Planète Bleue Volume 08 (2014) by Various Artists.

One of a series of nine CD compilations of music from a Swiss radio show hosted by Yves Blanc, and dedicated to “new music from around the world”. Each album has a cover by a different European artist (Moebius created the art for Volume 05) with a satellite dish being the common motif.


Time Travellers (2015) by Organik.



Inward (2015) by Elek Traum.


Contre la Montre (2015) by [Glasgow].

A French group named after a Scottish city.


Anthropocène — Episode 1 (2015) by [Glasgow].


Cosmic Machine — The Sequel — A Voyage Across French Cosmic & Electronic Avantgarde (70s-80s) (2016) by Various Artists.

The second of two compilations of French electronic music; the package for the first volume used art by Philippe Druillet. The cover of the second volume is a cropped version of a 1975 cover for The Moon Pool by Abraham Merritt. The gatefold interior and back cover were both originally covers for French SF magazine Galaxie, while the disc art is a panel from a 1976 comic strip, Hydrogenesis.





Big Bang (2017) by Le Réveil Des Tropiques.

Another panel from Hydrogenesis which was redrawn (ie: censored) when reprinted in Heavy Metal. The typography is based on Caza’s own title lettering for the strip.


Substance Rêve (2018) by Voight Kampff.


The Burning Souls (2019) by The Burning Souls.


Ummon (2020) by Slift.

Panels from a 1977 comic strip, L’oiseau poussière, which was reprinted in Heavy Metal as Bird of Dust.




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