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Poster for Steppenwolf (1974), a film directed by Fred Haines (his only one) based on the novel by Herman Hesse, and starring Max von Sydow and Dominique Sanda. No artist or designer credited.

• “…in her 20s, she heard two elderly folk singers and was struck by their ‘gentle dignity’. It cemented her own philosophy: ‘No dramatising a song, no selling it to an audience, no overdecorating in a way that was alien to English songs, and most of all, singing to people, not at them.'” Laura Snapes on Shirley Collins and her memoir, All in the Downs.

• Many of the BBC’s sound effects were available for years in necessarily small collections on vinyl, tape and CD. Now you can download over 16,000 of them for free here. The interface is still primitive so try typing some words into the search box to see what shows up.

Carl Swanson on Natalie Frank’s paintings based on Pauline Réage’s Story of O, and the problems these caused when she tried to exhibit them.

• Pictures of the Jazz Age: Regina Marler reviews three books about photographer Berenice Abbott.

• “The late Juraj Herz was a one-man wave of Czechoslovak horror,” says Kat Ellinger.

Mark Dery on William S. Burroughs and the dead-end horror of the Centipede God.

• Mixes of the week: FACT mix 648 by Laraaji, and XLR8R Podcast 538 by Fluxion.

Kashmir by Forming The Void, and Kazakhstan by Brian Eno.

• At Dennis Cooper’s: Dominique Sanda Day.

PixaTool by Kronbits.

Born To Be Wild (1968) by Steppenwolf | Steppenwolf (1976) by Hawkwind | Der Steppenwolf (2015) by Selofan

4 thoughts on “Weekend links 409”

  1. inre that STEPPENWOLF poster–I *think* it may be by Mati Klarwein (given style, his other involvement with the film). There is another piece by MK of Max Von Sydow as werewolf that I saw once in a book and have not been able to locate since that was just great.

  2. then again: maybe not ;/ Apologies for not looking closer–

    i spy a small “RL” under the wolf’s front jaw.

    Klarwein was involved inre the film tho’: he created the backdrop paintings that line the corridors of the Magic Theatre in the film
    all online via Youtube here.

    Klarwein work at:
    1.24.04 &

    The picture I remember had to be in either MILK ‘N’ HONEY or GOD JOKES but I have neither to verify.

  3. Yes, I noticed the initials earlier although I was prepared to accept them as mistaken marks if there was other evidence. Mitigating against Klarwein poster art is that he tended to work with oils after the 1950s.

    I’ve got God Jokes, and there’s no Max in there so he must be in the other book. I’m still going to get the film since I’d like to watch it properly (YT is always a last resort). There’s a German DVD available. The director also wrote the screenplay for Joseph Strick’s flawed/heroic film of Ulysses which makes him of further interest.

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