Weekend links 389


I Had Sweet Company Because I Sought Out None. Collage by Helen Adam.

• Readers of The Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges continue to be compelled to either illustrate the impossible archive or create virtual equivalents. The Library of Blabber by nothke is a procedural version for home computers in which each volume on the shelves contains randomly-generated content.

• The Japanese American Toy Theatre of London presents: James Bonk in Matt Blackfinger (1987). Directed by Akiko Hada, with music by David Toop, and a song from Frank Chickens’ Kazuko Hohki (who also co-wrote the script).

• Music, Time and Long-Term Thinking—The Long Now Foundation (and a fair amount of Brian Eno) by Austin Brown, Alex Mensing and Ahmed Kabil.

• A Return to Normilcy: Bernie Brooks talks to post-punk group Normil Hawaiians about their 1982 album More Wealth Than Money which has just been reissued.

• Sound artist and theremin player Sarah Angliss has reworked music by Bernard Herrmann for an upcoming stage adaptation of The Twilight Zone.

• Does the world need another reissue of A Secret Wish by Propaganda? Not really but there’s a “deluxe” vinyl and CD edition on the way.

• “What Would [Bernard] Wolpe Do?” Talking Wolpe, Albertus and book cover design with the Faber & Faber Art Department.

• Mixes of the week: FACT mix 629 by Idle Hands/Chris Farrell, and XLR8R Podcast 518 by Cassy.

• At Phantasmaphile: Neglected collage artist Helen Adam (1909–1993).

Collectors’ corner: photos of book and music libraries

• The Black Meat (Deconstruction Of The Babel-Tower of Reason) (1994) by Automaton | Babel (2010) by Massive Attack feat. Martina Topley-Bird | Branching (2016) by The Library of Babel

3 thoughts on “Weekend links 389”

  1. I loved the Normil Hawaiians LP back in the day particularly Sally IV; they caught my eye because their name came from the vox pop intro to ‘We are normal’ from ‘Doughnut in Granny’s Greenhouse’ by the Bonzos. Helen Adam’s stuff is great although the book of it appears to be elusive – I don’t know if you’ve seen her work, but Maria Rivens mines a similar vein. Also very much looking foward to see ‘The Twilight Zone’ next month.

  2. I’ve still got a vinyl copy of More Wealth Than Money so that interview was enlightening. Regarding the Bonzos, I wonder how many other groups owe them a name aside from Death Cab For Cutie.

  3. There was, of course, Trouser Press magazine in the 70’s but the only other band that I can recollect is Sofa Head. I do think that The Rhinocratic Oafs or My Pink Half would make quite good ones however.

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