Dalí in Wonderland


I’d only seen one or two of Salvador Dalí’s illustrations for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland before but you can see the complete (?) set here. These date from 1969 when Dalí was well past his prime as an artist but they’re still worth a look to see how he tackled each chapter, using the skipping girl motif from earlier paintings as his Alice figure. The attraction of the Alice books for the Surrealists is no surprise; Max Ernst produced a rather enigmatic series of Alice-themed lithographs while André Breton had earlier made Alice the “Siren of Stars” in the set of Surrealist playing cards he designed in the 1940 (below). I’d imagine there are other connections I’ve missed; leave a comment if you know of any. (Thanks to Charity for the tip!)

For more Dalí, here’s something I neglected to link to a while ago, the legendary Dalí meets Disney short, Destino.


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3 thoughts on “Dalí in Wonderland”

  1. So glad you created psychedelic Alice, and just purchased 2-a gift and a gift for me. It looks superpsychedelic. Great continuing Alice post sagas. la

  2. These drawings of Dali are strangely similar to the works of Marc Chagall, which probably is what called the attention of the Russian girl who put them on her site. I say strangely because it isn’t common Dali reminding other artists, the other way around would be more expected, I guess.
    I’m also not sure if the setting is complete, since I’ve seen an exhibition of Dali’s works in Barcelona, in 2006, based on paintings dated from the 60’s, where some of the original ‘Alice’s’ drawings were available, and I seem to remember there were images which are not on that site.
    Anyway, it’s wonderful that you’ve put them in your blog, since Dali is one of my main influences, as well as for many other artists around the world.

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