Décorations Peintes pour Devantures et Intérieurs de Magasins


Once again, I was going to post something more substantial this week but I’m still exceptionally busy, and my plans were further thwarted by the arrival in my RSS feed of this new upload at the Internet Archive. Décorations Peintes pour Devantures et Intérieurs de Magasins is a short but beautiful collection of Art Nouveau signs and shopfronts compiled by Henry Guédy. The date—1905—places it near the end of the Art Nouveau movement but the style was evidently still popular enough at this point to warrant a guide for sign painters looking for something à la mode. The shopfront photos show the commercial application of the style in Parisian streets, although many of these façades will have since been replaced by less adventurous designs (see this post for an example). Monsieur Guédy’s book may be viewed in full and downloaded here.








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