Ian Miller at Interzone


Issue 4, 1983.

Ian Miller was the art editor for the early issues of Interzone magazine, during which time several of his own drawings and paintings appeared as illustrations. Many of these haven’t been reprinted since, including three that are credited to an “Edwin Dorff”, a name I think we can take as a pseudonym. The run of Interzone at the Internet Archive is an incomplete one, unfortunately, some of the missing issues feature more Miller. Issue 34 contains Miller drawings throughout.


Issue 3, 1982.


Issue 3, 1982.


Issue 3, 1982.


Issue 3, 1982.


Issue 4, 1983.


“Edwin Dorff”, issue 5, 1983.


“Edwin Dorff”, issue 5, 1983.


Issue 7, 1984.


Issue 7, 1984.


“Edwin Dorff”, issue 9, 1984.


Issue 28, 1989.


Issue 34, 1990.


Issue 34, 1990.

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5 thoughts on “Ian Miller at Interzone”

  1. Ah, thanks, I’m not on Instagram so I didn’t know this. I recall there being an odd name in his email address when I exchanged a few messages with him in the past but can’t remember if Edwin Dorff was it.

  2. Thanks very much for this, love Ian’s work….and what a great-looking magazine

  3. I’m a big fan of Ian Miller’s art and have copies of ‘The Art Of’ and ‘Green Dog Trumpet’. The illustration that you took from issue four of ‘Interzone’ puts me in mind of one of Archigram’s walking city designs.

  4. It probably won’t surprise you to hear that I have those books as well, also Secret Art, a Dragon’s Dream collection from 1980. A Miller walking city doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch given some of his other mechanical creations. In science fiction they also predate Archigram by several decades, although I don’t think anyone prior to Archigram had suggested them as a semi-serious architectural proposal.

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