The angels in their anguish


Equus (2009).

As an addendum to the earlier post about the Clive Hicks-Jenkins retrospective currently running at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, here’s a brief look at the artist’s monograph which turned up in the post this week. Having seen much of this work only in Clive’s blog posts (many of which were day-to-day recordings of work in progress) it’s a real pleasure to see them at larger size in high-quality print. In addition to familiar works there are many sketches and smaller pieces interleaved with the text, and unlike many monographs this isn’t the work of a single author but features appreciations from Simon Callow, Damian Walford Davies, Andrew Green, Rex Harley, Kathe Koja, Anita Mills, Montserrat Prat, Jacqueline Thalmann and Marly Youmans, as well as notes and comments by the artist.


Battle Ground (2007).

Andrew Wakelin has done a great job with the book’s design, the use of Gill Sans throughout feels just right. As mentioned before, the publisher is Lund Humphries, and they have a discount for orders made through their website. A few more page samples follow.


Deposition III (2002).


The Angels in their Anguish (2010).



Illustration for The Lie of the Land from The Mare’s Tale (2001).


Maquette for a head of Poseidon (2008).

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5 thoughts on “The angels in their anguish”

  1. My copy arrived last week, it is a true joy, I am eager to delve more deeply into his work.The use of maquettes I find of particular interest. I am indebted to Thom of Form is Void and to you and your wonderful blog for the introduction, Hicks-Jenkins is a treasure.
    Take care,

  2. Leonard: one of the great pleasures of making these posts is being able to bring something one values to everyone’s attention.

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