Clive Hicks-Jenkins: A Retrospective


I know I’m not the only person capable of grumbling about London’s monopoly on art exhibitions so I’m a little mortified to find I’ve not mentioned Clive Hicks-Jenkins: A Retrospective, an exhibition which has been running at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, since May. There’s no excuse for the oversight since I read all of Clive’s blog posts and most of the recent ones have concerned the exhibition and an accompanying monograph published by Lund Humphries.


Both Fall (2001).

Among the pieces on display are some of his large Mari Lwyd drawings from 2001, two of which are shown here. I think these were the first works I saw of Clive’s and they remain favourites of mine despite their sombre subject matter. The combination of Picasso-like figures, disjunctive perspectives and monochrome nocturnal landscapes make for a very powerful series which Clive discusses in recent blog posts. Not everyone who’s this good with monochrome can handle a combination of tones effectively but Clive’s recent paintings use colour in a manner which is both confident and immediately striking. Form is Void has a small collection of some recent works but if you can get to Aberystwyth you can see them up close. Clive Hicks-Jenkins: A Retrospective runs to August 20th, 2011.


Red Flow (2001).

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