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Another of my Lambshead title pages.

A slight return to that book. Co-editor Jeff VanderMeer posted a page of Lambshead links which he’ll be following up with extracts from some of the contributors. He’ll also be having a draw to give out signed copies to people who write something about the book:

Bloggers (non-contributors) who post the link to their mention of the antho in the [Ecstatic Days] comments thread will be in the drawing for a free copy of the book, signed by the editors, as well as a copy of the coffee table book The Steampunk Bible, along with a few surprises…


Monstrum alatum, & cornutum instar Cacodaemonis.

And by coincidence, the latest post at BibliOdyssey is a selection of woodcut illustrations from Ulissi Aldrovandi’s Monstrorum Historia (1642). Many of these (or copies of the same) are familiar from later collections but as always it’s good to see the original printings.

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  1. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it. And the Instagram treatment rather suits those title pages.

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