Phallic casts


After the phallic parades of a couple of weeks ago, here’s something a bit more contemporary. Artist Jos Karis works under the name Josephtailor creating a variety of sculptural pieces in different media. Among the examples on his website there’s what appears to be a papier-mâché torso covered with a collage of gay porn pictures, and also a series of penises cast from plaster. The phallic works immediately bring to mind the penis memorials of Cynthia Plaster Caster, famous (notorious, even) for preserving in plaster form the erect members of notable musicians. Josephtailor’s casts seem to be anonymous (his site is short on detail) but he makes more of the end result. Cynthia has also made casts of women but not enough to create a Great Wall of Vagina like British caster Jamie McCartney. One of the contributors to McCartney’s wall was Ms Hayley Campbell who discussed the experience here. (Thanks to Paul for the Josephtailor tip!)


Update: Josephtailor sent some pictures of 100, his phallic wall piece.


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12 thoughts on “Phallic casts”

  1. We weren’t encouraged to know our teachers first names. I think it might have been David.

  2. Just to continue the schoolboy sniggering, there was a secondary school not far from where I grew up, which had a head master known as Master Bates. These kinds of facts were important once.

  3. Yes, Giger was something of a pioneer in that respect. I have a copy of the Penis Landscape poster which got the Dead Kennedys into trouble in 1985.

  4. the work on getting the models for the work ‘100’ started in febr 2010 and lasted till november 2010 when the 100 casts where done
    It took so long as to the fact that a lot of men needed some persuasion to participate. It’s not an easy thing to do, going to a complete strang artist, undressing, getting a hardon (and keeping it while being cast in alginate) and than being part of an art work.
    but it was worthwhile, seeing the result now on the wall.
    The picture of the candle stick on top of this article was one of my ‘disasters’ The model’s cock camw in contact with the lid of the tube, resulting in a completely flat surface on the top. Not good for the wall sculpure, but always nice to use in another way….

  5. Hi Josephtailor, thanks for the link! I remember Cynthia Plaster Caster saying the difficulty with casting men was keeping them hard during the process. It’s obviously easier to do women (or other parts of the body) for something like this.

  6. When you get the experience to handel men’s bodyparts it’s not that difficult anymore…just timing and putting your model in the right vibe.
    if you want pics of the work as it is hanging on the wall of the galery now, please give me your email address, cannot find it here.

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