Phallic casts


After the phallic parades of a couple of weeks ago, here’s something a bit more contemporary. Artist Jos Karis works under the name Josephtailor creating a variety of sculptural pieces in different media. Among the examples on his website there’s what appears to be a papier-mâché torso covered with a collage of gay porn pictures, and also a series of penises cast from plaster. The phallic works immediately bring to mind the penis memorials of Cynthia Plaster Caster, famous (notorious, even) for preserving in plaster form the erect members of notable musicians. Josephtailor’s casts seem to be anonymous (his site is short on detail) but he makes more of the end result. Cynthia has also made casts of women but not enough to create a Great Wall of Vagina like British caster Jamie McCartney. One of the contributors to McCartney’s wall was Ms Hayley Campbell who discussed the experience here. (Thanks to Paul for the Josephtailor tip!)


Update: Josephtailor sent some pictures of 100, his phallic wall piece.


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