Phallic bibelots


Does Priapus rule the month of October? Having this lot appear in the same week makes it seems likely. The carved carnelian sealing ring above comes via Silent-Porn-Star.


Then this Vivienne Westwood pendant turned up at Fabulon.


Finally, there’s the discovery of two artists producing phallic glasswork. Paul Thomas created the pendants above while Jamie Burress is responsible for the penis table.


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6 thoughts on “Phallic bibelots”

  1. Heh, the statue of Bes is a very flamboyant creature. Many of the phallic gods on Egyptian temples had their penises chipped away unfortunately. The phallus is also one of the Egyptian hieroglyphs, unsurprisingly since they used all parts of the human body. There’s two forms, one with an emission and one without, the latter being the word mt for man.

    The sheela-na-gigs always amuse me since they prove definitively that the church was never as innocent as some like to pretend today.

  2. The table is sold, unfortunately. I wonder who was the lucky person since it seems to be a unique item.

  3. Hi,
    i am the creator of the phallic seal ring,simular rings and my erotic artwork can be found on flickr
    under the name stewrings.

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