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Art Nouveau Circle
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(Note FAQ below.)



Frequently Asked Questions

Please look through these questions before sending an email. Your query may be answered here.


• What are the decorative graphics used on your web pages? Can I use them?

JC: The Art Nouveau flourish you see on this page is a copyright-free design from a Pepin Press book entitled Graphic Frames. The circular motif on the right is from another Pepin Press book, the Visual Encyclopedia of Ornamental Design. Pepin specialise in collections of copyright-free material and all their graphics are available for your own use if you buy their books.


• I have a book you mentioned in one of your blog postings. How much is it worth?

JC: I'm not a book dealer. Some of my blog postings about rare editions of books are highly-rated in Google searches but that doesn't mean I know anything about the book's value. Emails about the value or availability of secondhand books will be ignored.


• Can I put one of your pictures on my website?

JC: I've no objection to that. It's nice if you give me a credit and link back here. Please don't hotlink to anything; download whatever you want to use first then host it somewhere else. If you don't have your own web space you can use a free image hosting service like Imgur. (The above applies only to the posting of jpegs on a webpage. It doesn't give permission to use any of my work for commercial purposes.)


• Can I use one of your pictures for a tattoo design?

JC: If you like my work strongly enough to want it permanently inked upon your body, then be my guest. If you do use something for a tattoo, send a photo when it's done; I'd like to see it.


• Can you review my portfolio for me?

JC: I've done this in the past but these days would prefer not to. The process is time-consuming, I'm not a teacher so I get nothing from it, and it also puts an onus of responsibility on me that I'd prefer to avoid.


• I have a school essay to write. Can you help me answer some questions about art/design history?

JC: Questions about my own art and design work are fine. But it's not my business to assist people with broader subjects they should be researching themselves.


• Are you selling any original artwork?

JC: Not just now but never say never.