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Look what the postman delivered. Well, not the peacock feather and candle, obviously… Dodgem Logic #4 is now in print and my cover design looks as splendid as I hoped, gold ink included. The bonus item for this delirious issue is the rather wonderful poster you see in the background, a Joe Brown & Alan Moore collaboration entitled Bohemia which features a burgeoning growth of Bohemians through the ages, from Sappho through to more contemporary cultural icons. Inside there’s Dick Foreman discussing psychedelia, comics from Steve Aylett, Barney Farmer, Lee Healey, Kevin O’Neill and Savage Pencil, Melinda Gebbie’s gorgeous paintings, Debbie Delano on how to be an openly gay school teacher, Steve Moore asking for no more war, and Mister Alan Moore giving us his personal history of science fiction. You can order it online here.

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Dodgem Logic #4
Dodgem Logic

3 thoughts on “Dodgem Logic again”

  1. Though I’ve been getting Dodgem Logic haphazardly (when I get paid, which is less often than I’d prefer), I went right out and spent the last of my money at the time (in July) to get #4, mainly because of the cover. (There’s some good stuff inside, too, of course…but still…!?!) It’s wonderful! I wish there were a poster-sized version, that would be lovely!

  2. Thanks again. I am indeed planning on doing a poster of the cover, probably the usual arrangement via CafePress. I was waiting for a decent amount of time to elapse and I’ve also been inordinately busy this year so I haven’t had the time yet to arrange things. I’ll announce it here when I do.

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