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Fountain (1917) by R. Mutt (Marcel Duchamp), and God (1917) by Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven. • “What is there left to know about David Bowie? What is there left to unearth?” asks Ian Penman whose lengthy review of recent Bowie books is better by far than a shelf full of cash-in doorstops. • Strázci z hlubin […]

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Ceramic Buddha Machines


The experimentalists at Fm3 continue to impress with their commitment to unorthodox music delivery when the trend remains digital and ephemeral. Back in April they announced a new line of ceramic-bodied players for their series of Buddha Machines, that essential collection of ambient loops in a case the size of a box of matches. The […]

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Moldover’s CD case: a working theremin. In May this year, Brian Eno was writing in Prospect magazine about the current state of the music business as it continues to be assailed by digital technology. Among the things Eno discussed was the packaging of music: The duplicability of recordings has had another unexpected effect. The pressure […]

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Buddha Machine Wall


I love my Buddha Machine, the music release by Fm3 which comes as a set of sampled loops in a plastic case looking like a cheap pocket radio. This is one music work which can’t be downloaded since the physicality of the thing is as much a part of its attraction and purpose as the […]

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God in the machines


Fm3′s Buddha Machine. The Electronic Qur’an. • Compact, robust and easy to use; • Long lasting battery life; • Large LCD with blue backlight for night time viewing; • Built-in audio speaker; • Built-in DC adapter jack; • Ability to record up to 3 hours* of voice; • Follow and compare your own voice with […]

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Layering Buddha by Robert Henke


Layering Buddha on CD and limited vinyl. The Fm3 Buddha Machine is a low-fi loop playing device containing nine pre-recorded loops which cannot be changed by the user. Due to manufacturing imperfections, individual machines play the loops with a slightly different sound, pitch and duration. The built-in playback circuit, with its low sampling rate and […]

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