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Weekend links 92


Untitled etching by Briony Morrow-Cribbs.

• An interview with author Paul Russell whose new novel, The Unreal Life of Sergey Nabokov, concerns the gay brother of the celebrated Vladimir.

• Joseph Cornell turns up again in a report at Strange Flowers about Locus Solus, an exhibition in Madrid devoted to the work of Raymond Roussel.

Night of Pan: 42 seconds of occult freakery by Bill Butler featuring Vincent Gallo, Twiggy Ramirez plus (blink and you miss him) Kenneth Anger.

Jan Svankmajer talks (briefly) about his new film Surviving Life. A subtitled trailer is here; the very different Japanese trailer is here.

Cormac McCarthy turns in his first original screenplay. I’d rather he turned in a new novel but any new Cormac is better than none at all.

Barnbrook show off another design for the latest CD from John Foxx & The Maths.

Melanie McDonagh asks “Where have all the book illustrators gone?”

• Congrats to Evan for getting his poetry in the New York Times.

Margaret Atwood on writing The Handmaid’s Tale.

Subliminal Frequencies: An Interview With Pinch.

The (Lucas) Cranach Digital Archive

The M.O.P. Radionic Workshop

• Music promos of the week from the Weird Seventies: All The Years Round (1972) by Amon Düül II, and Supernature (1977) by Cerrone.



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  1. #1 posted by Larry Terrell



    I found this to be of interest as well, given the butler link. Apparently the album is due this year.

  2. #2 posted by John


    Thanks, Larry. Good to see Anger keeping busy and attracting fresh collaborators.

  3. #3 posted by Evan


    Thanks so much for mentioning the NYT nod, John!

  4. #4 posted by Evan


    and PS: Thank you for tipping me off to Night of Pan, and for showing me that Cerrone made a video for Supernature. Glorious.

  5. #5 posted by John


    Heh, you’re welcome. And I was pleased to find the Cerrone video. Always liked the song but their promo film was evidently far too weird and risqué for TV when it was in the charts.

  6. #6 posted by evan


    I just watched the full-length of Night of Pan–Butler is in Seattle promoting his work. It was quite good, and it was shown with Curtis Harrington’s Wormwood Star, Ira Cohen’s Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda, and Harry Smith’s Mirror Animations, along with some others of Butler’s work.

  7. #7 posted by John


    Lucky you seeing the Harrington film, I’ve wanted to see that for years.






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