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The Air Ship


More dirigibles. Posters from the Library of Congress Performing Arts Poster Collection for The Air Ship (1898), a musical comedy by JM Gaites.

I’ve had some longer posts planned but I’m chasing a deadline this week, hence the resort to brief picture posts.


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  1. #1 posted by Pignouf


    Fantastic ! Thanks…:)

  2. #2 posted by Masha


    Love these :) By coincidence I’ve just been watching Werner Hertzog’s “White Diamond” documentary, about the attempt to create a small airship that can be used to film the canopy of a jungle.

    Its quite a rough film, but contains some unforgettable footage. In particular, there is a scene of millions of swallows flying into the space behind a enormous waterfall, filmed downwards from the top of the waterfall. In true Hertzog fashion, the scene goes on and on and on, but it is just mesmerising. I think you might enjoy it.

  3. #3 posted by John


    I’ll watch anything of Herzog’s. I have two DVD sets of his films although I’ve not seen much of his most recent work, I ought to do some catching up.

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