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Archive for February 5th, 2007


Comet Between Fireworks and Lightning


Incredible panorama of Perth beach, Australia, during the recent Australia Day celebrations. Creating the lightshow is a burst of fireworks, Comet McNaught (tiny, in the centre of the picture) and a nearby thunderstorm. Full-size version here. From NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day, via Towleroad.

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The art of Rudolf Hausner, 1914–1995


Die Arche des Odysseus (1948–1956). Adam Bei Sich (1969). A major Austrian painter and printmaker, Rudolf Hausner studied art at the Academy in Vienna from 1931 to 1936, under Fahringer and Sterrer. Many of his early paintings were confiscated and branded as ‘degenerate’ by the ruling Nazi party in 1938. In 1941 Hausner was drafted […]

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