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Archive for January 11th, 2007


Robert Anton Wilson, 1932–2007


There are few people who really change your life but Robert Anton Wilson—who died earlier today—certainly changed mine. Wilson’s Illuminatus! trilogy (written with Robert Shea) was my cult book when I was at school in the 1970s, a rambling, science fiction-inflected conspiracy thriller that opened the doors in my teenaged brain to (among other things) […]

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Albert Hofmann


Dr Hofmann by Dean Chamberlain. Happy birthday to the discoverer of LSD, 101 today.

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The art of Yves Doaré


Ange (1981). Le réservoir (1979). Yves Doaré is well known for his paintings and drawings but better known for his haunting etchings, drypoints and wood engravings. Doaré began exhibiting his art in France in 1966 and since that time his art has been the subject of one man exhibitions at the Gallery Sumers, New York […]

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